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The gadget that currently haunts me is the soon-to-be-released Sony Vaio UX180P micro PC. It’s not technically a UMPC, according to Microsoft, but that’s what I call it because it is literally an Ultra Mobile Personal Computer. The specs are barely on par with even entry-level notebooks, but come on! This thing is smaller than a 4 x 6 photograph, and it runs full-blown Windows XP Professional with support for Windows Vista! Add to it a fingerprint sensor, touch screen, integrated keyboard, 2 cameras, and built-in Bluetooth, WLAN, and WWAN, and you can understand why it’s always on my mind. I can’t decide if it’s stalking me, or I’m stalking it.

Sony released their new 16GB (!) flash-based UX this morning in Japan, but my heart is still firmly set on the UX180P (I’d recently been tormented between deciding on this and the Samsung Q1 and later even the very lovely Vaio TX notebook series). Since I still don’t have my hands on one (release date is mid-July), buying accessories is the only way to appease my impatience and restlessness. So yesterday, I got a Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Universal Keyboard, a San Disk 2GB Cruzer (more than enough to use with Virtual CD), and a screen protector.

At least my new UX obsession has put an end to the relentless hunt for new cases (I’ve got 7 so far) for my Zen Vison: M, ZVM for short. By the way, get to know this acronymn: you’ll be seeing it a lot.

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