Review: UX screen protector

Brando Workshop’s Protector Plus screen protector is actually designed for PDAs, but it is apparently suitable for any device sporting a 4.5-inch screen.


This one from eBay is marketed specifically as a UX protector (notice the sticker on the upper left corner). The packaging claims the protector is removable, washable, scratch resistant, dust free (i.e., dust won’t stick to the protector), and anti-reflective.


Anytime I’ve tried to remove a removable screen protector (such as the ClearTouch Crystal), I’ve never been able to do it without permanently turning up or creasing one of the protector’s corners (the shield doesn’t come up without a little prying after all) or scratching the screen. I’m not sure whether or not the UX’s screen is easily scratched (it is a touch screen), but since I refuse to risk it, I’ll take Brando’s word on the product’s removability and washability. (The ClearTouch Crystal delivers these features, so I believe the Protector Plus can easily do the same.) I don’t think the protector (or the screen) would survive a deep scrape caused by a set of keys or a bad fall, but it does resist light scratches without a problem and dust and finger oils wipe away cleanly and easily. And as for the anti-reflective claim? Well, the lack of glare is really the result of the protector’s opacity, which is barely perceptible when the unit is off, but annoyingly noticeable when the screen is on. The otherwise bright and crisp screen becomes muddled, grainy, fuzzy, and thus less readable. (I couldn’t get a decent picture of this, but trust me, the makers of XBRITE LCD technology would cry.)


Even though applying the protector was simple and painless because of the shield’s stiffness, as soon as I work up the nerve to remove it, I’m trashing it. While it does live up to its promises, it diminishes the quality of the UX’s stunning screen more than I care to live with. Even worse, the protector isn’t a perfect fit for the UX (this is not Brando’s fault, of course). No matter how you position it, you’ll always have an unprotected rim of space. And what good is a screen protector that doesn’t fully protect a screen? While this may be a great match with a PDA, UX owners should definitely look elsewhere.

The Protector Plus is available on eBay for about $14.

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