Not again! Did Sony pull a Sony?

Just months after its release, the UX180P has been discontinued!

Well, not officially, but that’s what it looks like. Head on over to SonyStyle and you’ll see that the micro PC is no longer available. Searches for the device at other online stores yield the same results.

So what’s up? On the one hand, who would really be surprised if Sony yanked the UX180P completely? That would be par for the course (oh, how I miss the Clie). On the other hand, if the series was a complete and utter disaster, would Sony Japan still be offering UXs with configuration options? To make sense of the rumors swirling around various gadget forums, I headed over to the leading source of UX information, Micro PC Talk. If anyone knew what was going on, it would most certainly be them. And it was.

As it turns out, according to a Sony USA rep, a new model (presumably with improved specs) will make an appearance at SonyStyle in a few weeks. It will most likely be available for preorder then and could start shipping as early as October. As for the UX180P? It’s out of stock. And all indications point to it remaining that way.

So if you were waiting for whatever reason to buy the UX, it looks like your patience may be rewarded with something even better.

UPDATE: Jim from Sigma Trading Company emailed to tell me that CDW has the UX180P in stock. Go here to get yours now.

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2 thoughts on “Not again! Did Sony pull a Sony?

  • Avatar of Supp0rtLinux

    I bet its called the “UX180P-SI”, the “SI” being for Stand Included. :)

  • If that’s the case, then my UX is up for sale!


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