Review: Vaio UX180P stand options

You are already well aware that unlike its Japanese counterparts, the UX180P’s accessory bundle does not include the carrying stand. Apparently, it seems that Sony wants U.S. consumers to scrounge around for their own alternatives.

So far, UX owners have pleaded with Sony to sell the carrying stands, fashioned homemade stands made of sheet metal and acrylic, modified existing iPod accessories, and/or just purchased docks designed for other gadgets. Take a look at the pages throughout this thread for pictures of a few users’ inventions.

Other folks, like me, have simply accepted the supplied port replicator as the best (albeit bulkiest) option. However, after booking a flight to New York last night and glancing at the size of my carry-on luggage, I began to have second thoughts. So today I took a quick scan around the house to find something better suited for traveling.

I didn’t come up with much, but anything more compact than the port replicator deserves a little photo shoot. None of these "stands" are ideal while using the UX keyboard, but they may not be too bad for watching a video or connecting a few peripherals for some light away-from-the-office work.

Think Outside keyboard

The Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is equipped with a removable stand that works really well with the UX. Even better, it folds down flat and attaches to the keyboard (which would already be a necessary travel companion).




The stand can be locked into two positions: one designed for devices in portrait mode, and one for landscape mode. Here are some comparison shots of both positions (portrait on left).

Portrait Landscape

Portrait1 Landscape1

Portrait2 Landscape2

Portrait3 Landscape3

Portrait4 Landscape4

Business card holder

I can’t remember where I first read about this, but I didn’t come up with the idea myself. I bought this metal mesh business card holder from Office Max about two years ago; I think it’s in the bargain bin for less than $3 now.

Dsc01277 Dsc01274

Dsc01275 Dsc01276

Anyway, it’s an okay stand alternative, but I wouldn’t trust it through a bout of turbulence. Just moving it around to take the pictures activated the UX’s built-in HDD shock protection a few times, so who knows what would happen on a plane.





You may recall my tendency to place stands upside down.

Dsc01279 Dsc01278

Fortunately, in this case, turning the card holder upside down isn’t an embarrassing mistake!





Wooden plate stand

Okay, this is a ridiculous option, but I thought it was worth considering since it folds in half for very easy storage.

Dsc01300 Dsc01305

Dsc01304 Dsc01306

Obviously, this isn’t very reasonable (or attractive), but it’s at least better than leaving the UX flat on its back.





Well, that’s all I found at my house. What’s at yours? If you’ve found a great travel-friendly alternative, please head over to the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “Review: Vaio UX180P stand options

  • Avatar of Anonymous

    if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check out the stand at Conics

    It attaches to the UX with the included double sided tape and works perfectly! It folds back against the UX for in hand use and even allows use of the port replicator with it still attached. Easily the best $10 accessory for the UX. You won’t notice it when you’re not using it and provides a great stand for the UX when needed. I can finally use it as a video player!

  • Great find! Thanks :)

  • Avatar of Penny

    Great review Jenn! I couldn’t resist after reading your review and got myself a 280P. Mine came with a stand just like the picture in micropctalk.

  • Good to hear, Penny. Now you don’t have to go to garage sales looking for wooden plate stands!

    It makes no sense to me why the stand wasn’t included with the 180P, too.

  • I received a UX 280P for x mas this year and it came with a collapsable stand that fits in the same way the dock ‘clicks’ in. I don’t know if i got lucky and my shipment had them or what but I am glad I got one. Maybe Sony is now going to sell this little wonder.

  • Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas, JD! You should let everyone know in the “Merry Christmas” post on the main page right now :)

    Yes, the UX280P includes the stand found on some of the international UX models. I’m not sure, but I think the UX180P is the only one without it.

  • Thank you for your great suggestion,I bought the business card holder from Officemax and it works great. I can finally use the ac adaptor with a stand. I find it to be very stable. Now I am going to get a bluetooth mouse. I tried to use an unpowered USB hub with a 160 gb powerless hard drive and a usb mouse, but not enough power for the hard drive. The sony usb is only strong enough for a direct connection to the hard drive, so the only option is the bluetooth mouse. I already have a bluetooth keyboard and stereo headset.

  • Glad to hear the business card holder is working out for you, mitch. :-)

    I’m on the lookout for a Bluetooth mouse as well. I had been considering the Logitech VX Nano laser mouse because its receiver is so insanely tiny but I think I’d like to keep the USB ports free whenever possible (especially on something like the UX, which only has one). If you find anything good, I hope you’ll come back and let us know.

  • I found a program called oqoflip180 here. By running this program it flips the display, so now you can turn the vaio ux series upside down and the connectors are on the top and you can actually now use it with a bluetooth keyboard. I have the program on my desktop, so when I double click the display is upside down. The program is not designed for the vaio ux series, so there are issues. First,when you use it, the display flips and an error appears. Just x the error window. Second, flipping back does not work. To get around this you need use the Sony program which comes with the UX to switch from landscage to portrait viewing, but in this case it flips it back to normal viewing. The program is very useful because right now I am typing with my bluetooth keyboard, the ux is upside down in the keyboard stand, I have the ac adapter plugged in at the top. Actually I have an external battery from battery geek model bg15-21-130 plugged in, which gives me more than 14 hours on a single charge. I also have a bluetooth mouse. After owning my UX380N for 4 weeks I have all the accessories to make it really functional. Below is the list

    External monitor and mouse, keyboard via docking station for heavy home use

    Bluetooth headphones for listening to music anywhere in the house from the ux

    For travel

    External battery for very long life. You do not have to worry about running out on a long trip, or in meeting room you do not have to sit next to an outlet

    External bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    Program to flip display


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