Vaio UX180P reviews: All in one place

Here’s a consolidated list of all my feature-specific reviews on the Sony Vaio UX180P Micro PC. The reviews also apply to most of the other models in the series; check out this chart to view their differences.

Bluetooth dial-up networking
Cingular EDGE (to be continued . . . eventually)
Extended battery: Part 1
Extended battery: Part 2
General complaints
Included accessories
Integrated keyboard
LCD screen
Leather case
Screen orientation
Screen protector
Stand options
Standard battery: Part 1
Standard battery: Part 2
Standard battery: Part 3
Web browsing: Part 1
Web browsing: Part 2

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Jenn K. Lee

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5 thoughts on “Vaio UX180P reviews: All in one place

  • Avatar of Spidubic

    Did you test the Wireless? I was just wondering how it was for connection since I am typically going to be using the wireless to connect to my router for internet.

  • I’ve never had any problems with connecting to my b/g router. The antenna isn’t incredibly strong, as it doesn’t always detect all of the nearby networks, but it always sees mine immediately. And that’s the most important one, anyway!

  • Thanks! That was the one thing none of the reviews had really touched on. I have ordered my 380CN and hope to get it this week.

  • Hi, just to let you guys know DO NOT ever upgrade your ux180 to vista, because the only one verson that is capable is the Home basic, after the clean installation you will lose all the data, and it was a pain to get all the software back, and the sony customer service was NO help AT ALL! I had to downgraded back to XP! overall I am very unhappy with sony’s customer service.

  • Avatar of Nazir

    Hi, I using SONY vaio ux280P for past 6months, i am enjoying it everyday except the Key board which is hard to use…almost useless sometime.

    Now i am wondering anyone has tried the following things with sony vaio ux

    * Streo bluetooth headset
    * LCD glasses with high resolution (i never found LCD glasses with more than 800×600 resolution)
    * Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad


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