Refreshed Mio H610: Because girls need directions too

Mioh610Hmm. It looks like Mio scoured a couple of sleazy pubs in search of a marketing team. Even though the original H610 DigiWalker GPS/PMP gadget, first announced in March of this year, has been well received by both the media and the masses, someone at Mio still wanted to make the device more girl-friendly.

The method? Appeal to women’s vanity with a pick-up line plucked out of the mouth of a drunken bar patron! Hey baby, "give your H610 the same gorgeous and attractive look that you have" by . . . swapping out the interchangeable faceplates. Wow.

I don’t understand how "purple flower and luxury silver" faceplates warrant a European relaunch, especially since the faceplate thing has already been done and the unit’s specs haven’t changed. The feminized H610 still measures a scant 2.32" x 3.35" x 0.74", sports a 2.7-inch touchscreen and SD/MMC card slot, comes preloaded with maps, and satisfies those PMP needs with a DivX player, MP3 support, and preinstalled video games.

Available in the UK for about $530, let’s cross our fingers that the pretty new model never makes it across the Atlantic. The original version (complete with U.S. maps) sells for $500 at Crutchfield and comes with a free tote bag.

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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2 thoughts on “Refreshed Mio H610: Because girls need directions too

  • Thanks for the link, Jenn. As you could probably tell from the tone of my post, I can’t stand the H610 – or, more accurately, I can’t stand the attitude of Mio’s marketing bods who obviously think that broadening the appeal of a gadget is so shallowly achieved.

  • Sure thing, Chris! I’ve incurred quite a tab over at SlashGear and am definitely working toward paying it back :)


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