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Hello Kitty MP3 player manual

Hellokitty_mp3playerI’m still getting a lot of requests for the English user’s guide that came with my 512MB Hello Kitty MP3 player,  especially now that quite a few people found the player under their Christmas tree. Rather than continue to email everyone separately, I’ve decided to go ahead and post the guide here. There are several iterations of the player available now, including one with Kitty’s cheeks (instead of her bow) glowing red/green, which may or may not apply to the following set of instructions.

I typed the manual exactly as I received it.  It was originally translated by someone who I assume is a non-native English speaker, so some of it requires a bit of deciphering.


1.3 Package list

  • Digital Player K5
  • Earphone
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • Driver CD

2.1 Start/Shut down
Start: Press and hold the power button for 2 sec, then the green light will show up.
Shut down: When K5 is power on, press and hold the power button for 2 sec, the light will turn to red and green, after the light blinks three times you can release the button and K5 will shut down automatically. If you hold still and stop working it, it will be auto shut down after 3 minutes.

2.2 Select files and adjust volume
In playback, if you want to go back to previous  file, please press <<- button.
In playback, if you want to go to the next file, please press  +>> button.
In playback, if you want to adjust the volume, please press and hold +>> or <<- button for 2 sec.

3.1 A-B Repeat function
In playback, will be appear it’s setting done that red light to flash once, when after press button the "HOLD A-B" (Note: I have no idea what this means!)
In playback, press the "HOLD A-B" button to set the starting point, then press the button again to set the ending point.
Press the "HOLD A-B" button again to cancel setting.

3.2 Hold function
At any time, press and hold "HOLD A-B" button for 2 seconds, every button will be locked. At the same time, the light will turn to red and flash. After that, if you press and hold "HOLD A-B" button for 2 seconds again, all of the buttons will be unlocked.

4.1 Record function
When K5 stops playing, if you want to start "record" function,  please press and hold the "Record" button for 2 seconds. Then, if you want to stop  recording, please press the "Record" button again.

At any time, if you want to play recorded files, please press the "Record" button once, and when the light shows red, you can press the "I>" button to play the recorded files. Press the "Record" button again to exit.

5.1 Download & upload music files
If you want to copy files to the computer or download the files from your computer to K5, please connect K5 to your computer by using the USB cable. After you connect K5 to the your PC, a "Removable HDD" icon will show up in "My computer" window.

Driver installation* is required in Windows 98SE system.

*Driver Installation
1. Please insert the driver CD into your CD or DVD-ROM.
2. Please connect K5 to your PC by using USB cable.
3. The system will detect the device automatically and run "Hardware Wizard" to start driver installation. Please select "Install the software automatically [Recommended]" and click "Next" to continue  installing the driver.
4. Please check "CD-ROM" and "Location," then path to the CD-ROM which driver CD is located and find the folder "WIN98_DRIVER," and then click "Next" to continue.
5. Click "Next" to continue, and click "Finish" to finish the driver installation.
6. After rebooting the system, please connect K5 to the computer. It will be recognized and ready to use.

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