$1200 Dopod U1000 (Athena/Ameo): Everything a UMPC should be?

Dopod_u1000 Right on schedule, Dopod International rolled out its U1000 handtop (known elsewhere as the HTC Athena and T-Mobile Ameo) in Hong Kong and Taiwan yesterday. To commemorate the launch of the device that somehow retails for nearly double that of its $650 European counterpart, Dan Nystedt, a deluded writer at InfoWorld, proclaims that the $1200 U1000 offers far more than a UMPC. In fact, he says, "the device is everything [an] ultramobile PC should be" partly because it has an 8GB hard drive. Um, okay.

Nystedt cites pocketability and mobile-phone usage as examples of how the U1000 trumps standard UMPCs, even though he later goes on to point out how erroneous the comparisons are in the first place. Contradictions aside, however, it’s obviously true that the U1000 is a phone. One with decent battery life, too: 300 hours standby, 5.5 hours GSM talk time, and 4.5 hours 3G talk/Internet time. For multimedia usage, the U1000 is rated at up to 12 hours for listening to music and 8 hours (!) for watching videos. 

So fine, the U1000 is "better" than a UMPC because it’s a real phone. But Nystedt’s mention of size does nothing to strengthen his argument. Consider these dimensions: 5.2" x 3.9" x 0.6" (U1000), 5.6" x 3.3" x 1.0" (OQO Model 02), 5.9" x 3.7" x 1.5" (Sony UX series).

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Jenn K. Lee

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6 thoughts on “$1200 Dopod U1000 (Athena/Ameo): Everything a UMPC should be?

  • Hi.

    I assume the Dopod price is the purchase price. Remember the $650 from T-Mobile is the heavly subsidised 24 month contract price.

    At $650+24 months contract the Athena is still very expensive.


  • All this goes to, yet again, confirm what many mobility/UMPC/tablet afficionades have been complaining about for ages = the biggest issue with the mobile platforms is not the platforms themselves but the… er… stupidity (for lack of a better word) of the people who review them, often without ever having seen one, let alone understood one. So much nonsense has been written and published – much of it could have been avoided had the writers read publicly available materials. Bah!

  • Very true, Steve, but since most people are already paying monthly charges for their phones, the cost isn’t REALLY an additional one. I mean, it is, but not really. To me it’s kind of like buying a new TV. Since I’m already a cable subscriber, I don’t factor those monthly payments into the cost of the TV.

    It will be interesting to see how much the device costs with just an extension of an existing contract, not a brand new one. I hope U.S. pricing is released soon :)

  • Avatar of Wilson Wong

    I think we have to compare apples with apples.

    First of all, do you consider the U1000 as a UMPC (just PC/laptop) or a phone or both?

    If it is a UMPC, using Mobile 5 as an OS may limit some uses. And as a phone it is just too big for anything.

    However consider what the gadget (for lack of a better category to use) can do like a PC (WLAN access, email, MSN, multimedia and presentation) in a 5″ screen plus the ability to be a mobile phone as well, I think it is much cheaper than getting a mobile phone AND a UMPC or laptop. Not to mention carrying lesser stuff for company presentation.

    Yes, I did use this phone during its launch and has ‘man’-handled it including swinging the phone with its keyboard magnetically attached to it. So please don’t call me stupid (“stupidity (for lack of a better word) of the people who review them, often without ever having seen one, let alone understood one.”).

  • Hi Wilson,

    Thanks for your insightful comments.

    I agree that apples should be compared with apples, which why I think comparing the U1000 to a UMPC (as the InfoWorld writer does) is off base. Bruno’s “stupidity” comment was certainly not directed at you; in fact, it seems to me that it applies to the exact OPPOSITE of you.

    As far as classification, I would call the U1000 a handtop/smartphone or maybe a portable Internet tablet. I’d compare it to the Sharp EM ONE or Nokia N800, even though neither of those are phones.

    I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on one. I hope it comes to the U.S. soon.

    Thanks again!

  • Avatar of Rodney Burleson

    i gotta say im a phone freak and shop on the enternet all the time and when i seen the ameo…WOW!!!!
    i was hooked the very first time i seen it…im gettin . one of those. all i wanna know is do you have to pay 650 dollars every month or thats the whole price for the two year period?


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