Sony Vaio UX Micro PC series keeps growing

Several weeks ago, Sony quietly began selling the UX380N, not to be confused with the UX390N (also called the UX Premium), which is essentially the U.S. version of the UX1XN. Other than the UX380N’s 40GB hard drive and silver casing, it is identical to the UX390N.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I can barely keep all of this straight. The UX380N is, after all, what I think is the eleventh micro PC that Sony has released within the past year.


Maybe there’s more, but that’s the number I get:

  1. UX180P
  2. UX280P
  3. UX380N
  4. UX390N
  5. UX50
  6. UX90
  7. UX71
  8. UX91S
  9. UX91NS
  10. UX1XN
  11. UX17GP

UPDATE 2/20: There are in fact more models. Well, more model numbers anyway. Have a look at the global chart I made that lists the current UXs available in other parts of the world. Japan, Europe, and the U.S. are not included because their models are listed above.

I’m still working on a simple chart that will make it easier to tell all the UXs apart. In the meantime, though, check out this handy comparison table; it isn’t 100% complete, but it’s still incredibly comprehensive.


UPDATE 2/21: View the completed chart here.

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One thought on “Sony Vaio UX Micro PC series keeps growing

  • Thanks for linking to the MPCT Wiki, were trying to make it a very comprehensive Wiki of UX info, and anyone able to help out is welcome : )


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