Intel UMPC looking better than ever

Intelumpc_smlThe plan was to wait until after next month’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF), where four new UMPCs are expected to be announced, to be over before revisiting the Yahoo/Intel prototype that’s been seen at various events since early last year. That was honestly the plan.

But then I stumbled across this shiny new picture of the sleekest version of the device to date. We’ve seen it in a hideous shade of copper and a dull silver before, but never in this gorgeous glossy black. Keeping in mind that nothing about this UMPC, including its 4.8-inch display, should be taken as fact until IDF, I’m still quite sure that it is something I must have. It’s said to be based on the McCaslin platform, which (correct me if I’m wrong) I believe performs best here in Honolulu. What a coincidence!

Based solely on this image (bigger version after the cut) and Steve’s hands-on time at CeBIT, I would love for the device to be launched exactly as it is. The swiveling thumboard with dedicated number keys, mouse buttons, and what look like user-defined buttons, volume/brightness controls, and a mouse stick all make for a rather tasty treat.

Seriously. Who can resist this?


Too bad there isn’t a corresponding image showing the unit without the thumboard exposed. If one pops up, though, you can be sure it’ll end up in the UMPCportal gallery first.

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One thought on “Intel UMPC looking better than ever

  • “I’m still quite sure that it is something I must have.” lol hilarious Jenn : )

    It does look pretty nice, though the picture is pretty clearly a computer rendered image rather then the real thing. I don’t see how they could fit much performance into that thing with its size, and I hope people aren’t expecting to type anything grammatically correct with that keyboard; it looks like it would be a huge pain in the rear to punctuate on that thing.


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