Samsung Q1 Ultra for romantics (apparently)

Perusing the Samsung Exhibition website today, I noticed a few recent Q1 Ultra additions to the Global Exhibition Blog section written by a rather eccentric Frenchman named Chris.


It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, I’m sure, but much of his "Q1 Ultra: U Love TRAvel for romanticisms" entry is kind of inappropriate for an official Samsung site. If the bloggers are meant to serve any kind of marketing purpose, I don’t think the ability to "shower with your wife" because of the added productivity yielded from the UMPC is what Samsung intended to be the unit’s biggest selling point.


It could very well be that the blogs are meant to be fun, uncensored, diary-like records of the exhibition experience, but this is kind of off-putting to me:

"Every girl will look at you thinking you are so knowledgeable and, the most important thing, that you are rich. This is the purpose to have it: pretend to be someone, even if you are not busy at all and you just watch movies with it."

Men don’t really believe women think like this, do they?


In any case, this kind of "You can get girls!" message is useful in making it clear that UMPCs are meant to be consumer devices. A business professional would probably not buy the Q1 Ultra because, as Chris says, "it can save your couple life," but maybe Joe Six-Pack would?

UMPC enthusiasts spend a lot of time proving how the devices can be used as primary computers, desktop replacements, and mobile offices. But maybe all this emphasis on work and productivity is part of the reason that UMPCs have yet to achieve mainstream success. For the average consumer, "work" is usually equated with a full keyboard, more power, a bigger screen, and a built-in optical drive.

Chris, on the other hand, focuses on fun. "You can take the shower with your wife and have fun," he says, "instead of coming back home and see her sleeping on the bed, waiting for you. . . . Buy it! Romantic man you are."

Too bad Valentine’s Day was last month.

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