Cover your Nintendo DS Lite with a "kimono"

Ds_kimono1Having actually worn a kimono for Japanese-school assemblies and performances, I have to say that RosenQueen’s new DS Lite covers ($25) bear a striking resemblance to cloth book jackets. I know it’s just a name, but there is really nothing "kimono" about these cases, which as far as I can tell are fashioned out of canvas, leather, and elastic. Ah, classic kimono materials.

The covers come in six designs bearing Japanese-inspired names that actually made me (as someone of pure Japanese ancestry) laugh out loud: Sakura Pink, Fuji Breeze, Bonsai Love, Tsunami Blue, Aoi Blossom, and Yukata Stripes. Even "funnier" (in an offensive sort of way) are the descriptions of the colors. Take, for example, Tsunami Blue: "Finally, you can express your passions for tsunamis and DS Lites at the same time!" I wonder if the company ships to Southeast Asia.


Less tasteless but still ridiculous are the descriptions for Yukata Stripes ("Nothing screams tranquility like the gentle feel of a striped yukata") and Aoi Blossom ("Nurture your handheld skills with the burning determination of blossoming flowers!"). Tongue-in-cheek, maybe; just plain bad, definitely.


It’s all very unfortunate, really, because the designs are pretty nice.

[Shiny Shiny]

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3 thoughts on “Cover your Nintendo DS Lite with a "kimono"

  • When I first read your post, I thought you were joking with the whole description thing. Then I clicked on the link… 8o.

    I think I’ll stick with the case I got from from Nintendo magazine. :P

  • Good idea. I always prefer official cases anyway.

  • Avatar of Joseph Romani

    I love Japanese Style on anything…
    I saw similar thing on
    but much more expensive ($60) so I think I will buy it from the link…


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