Kellogg's to Sony: "Get your own slogan"

Psp_cheezitJust in case the recent $30 price drop and free T-Mobile HotSpot access announcement didn’t make it clear that Sony is quite keen on selling more PSPs, the company’s upcoming "Dude, Get Your Own" campaign (obviously inspired by Cheez-It crackers) drives the point home.

The ridiculous slogan is supposed to speak to the new demographic that Sony has deemed to be the PSP’s target audience: 13- to 17-year-olds (you know, because they have easy access to $170). The handheld began as a system aimed at the 18-34 age group, but it turns out that teenage consumers make up the majority of registered users in Sony’s database. Apparently, part of what makes the PSP so appealing to teens is that they "can play it downstairs while [their] parents are watching the TV downstairs."

[Wired via]
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