T-Mobile announces Sidekick iD

It’s good to see the Sidekick iD looking better than it did a few weeks ago.


Along with yesterday’s official press release and dedicated-section launch on the Sidekick website came a new release date of April 25 (a week later than expected), a trendy lowercase "i" in its name (blech!), a nice set of photos, and confirmation of previously leaked specs.

The iD’s feature set is actually really similar to that of my (first and last) Color Sidekick from 2003. And since I paid more than $100 back then, this new back-to-basics device isn’t too bad. I imagine that it’ll be quite the hit among teenagers and their parents.


At just $100 with two-year contract, the Sidekick iD supports T-Mobile myFaves, various IM clients (AIM included), HTML web browsing, and personal email. It can also be customized with colorful accessories and interchangeable faceplates.


Battery life is rated at 5.3 hours of talk time and 6 days of standby.

I wonder what would’ve happened if T-Mobile hadn’t gone the celebrity route with the Sidekick II (remember Snoop Dog and Molly Shannon texting each other in those "Everybody needs a Sidekick" ads?). The original Sidekick was marketed so horribly with those Johnny Chase cartoons that I’m actually still a little shocked by the device’s current success.

Thank goodness for Paris Hilton, I guess.

[via SlashPhone]
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27 thoughts on “T-Mobile announces Sidekick iD

  • Avatar of enterman

    remember, its not just a lower case i, its a upside down lower case i. I guess they think thats cool or something?

  • Avatar of demetrius

    i think the sidekick id is okay. i wish it was like the sk 3 though

  • How much is it. Can u get me a free one that would be gr8

  • As mentioned above, the iD is priced at $100 with a two-year contract with T-Mobile.

  • Avatar of b.e.e

    i love the sidekick id. especially the white on with pink dots. i was wondering is that a cover case?

  • Avatar of unknown

    i would really like to buy a sidekick but i am on my parents plan which is nextel and so my parents are not letting me buy the phone but i found a new one on ebay but you never know what people have on there they might say new but it might be a pos but if any ideas comment on here.

  • @ b.e.e.: It’s one of the interchangeable faceplates mentioned in the post.

  • the sidekick ID is the most awsome phone i’ve ever laid eyes on and i think that t-mobile made a smart move creating is very convienient cause im getting a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go sidekick ID’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello i´m ashley and i love the SIDEKICK white with pink dots i love it …… THAT´S MY PHONE I BUY IT AT T-MOBILE


  • Avatar of lynette

    I have the sidekick I’d. Its the best. Everyone at school loves my phone.

  • Avatar of anomous

    ummm…. y do u have to buy the sidekick on contaract i no its cheap but i dont want to i just want the phone.

  • Avatar of Ducki

    How much do these things cost? can you get them in england?

  • Avatar of 5ouljahBUU'

    love sidekick LOVE IT CHOKE!

  • I love the sidekick id im sending a comment on it write now BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of Canada Resident

    Hello, I’m from canada, saskatchewan. I was just wondering if they sell Sidekicks in canada. If you know please respond.

  • Sidekick id suck… that was waste of plastic…there was no point makin this phone

  • Avatar of jerre hawthorne

    hi i would like 2 know if they still have the sidekick id in wisconsin

  • Avatar of Mariel lutes

    I think the sidekick is awsome but my friend says its to big so thats why I’m bringing a purce everywhere I go so I don’t have to carry it around I go. I can’t wait to get my sidekick, I’m getting one on August 6th (My B-Day).

  • i dont have a sidekick id, i have a teal juke, but when my mom said that i could get a different cell phone, all i said was “Im going to get a sidekick id!!”

  • how much r sidekicks in £’s if anyone know please write and tell me please i really really want one xxx

  • Hi, I live in Canada. I really want a Sidekick. I was wondering if there was any way I could get one? Please respond!

  • Avatar of Mercedes

    i really want a sidekickid so anybody that dont want theirs pass it

  • Avatar of

    where i can buy this sideckik id??

  • im getting a sidekick 3 2marro and if u want a sidekick id got to a swapmeet.

  • Avatar of t-mobile worker

    BTW how much is sidekick id?

    anyone tell me?

    cuz i can afford sidekick 2008 need a sidekick by ten weeks.

  • Avatar of areogirl1998

    That is what i say cuz i want 1 sooooooo bad my dad sayed maybe 4 my B-day


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