Fujitsu expands LifeBook lineup with U Series UMPCs

Fujitsu_u8240Fujitsu today introduced its new LifeBook U Series, and more specifically what’s now called the FMV-U8240, as the "world’s smallest tablet-convertible UMPC." Coming in at just 1.28 lbs., the Japan-bound compact clamshell (6.73" x 5.16" x 1.04") will be available in three configurations (two with XP Professional, one with Vista Business) beginning in mid-June with a starting price of 144,000 yen, which is about $1200. The press release confirms most of what was already confirmed yesterday, but what’s this nonsense about a 20GB hard drive? Earlier reports had the U8240’s storage capacity pegged at 40GB, which already is rather small, so to slice it in half is just plain ridiculous.

The keyboard has a 14mm pitch and 1.3mm travel, which I don’t think will lend itself to very comfortable typing, but its inclusion should make thumboard advocates pretty happy. There’s no word on a U.S. release at the moment, but that’s what importers like Dynamism are for.

[Reg Hardware]
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2 thoughts on “Fujitsu expands LifeBook lineup with U Series UMPCs

  • Hmm I have to admit that this thing looks really nice, however I don’t know how the keyboard will work out. It seems like they designed it for full fledged typing, but being a UMPC it should have a more thumb based keyboard. However, based on the width of the unit, I’d say you will have a touch time thumb typing with this bad boy. Also, mobile typing will be hard because it will be awkward to hold the keyboard part with your hands while the screen is hanging off the unit. While the design worked great with the Clie UX50 PDA, but the UX50 is very small and lightweight, and the keyboard is targeted toward thumb typing.

    Another UMPC I need to add to my list of getting my hands on so I can try it out in person : /

  • i have problem in my FUJITSU FMV-7160NU3 keyboard setting;
    i am a resident of south asia;
    and never knows eastern asian languages like JAPANI and chinA languages;
    so please post a comment at my email address;
    and tell me how can i change my lifebook keyboard settings


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