Palm Treo 755p priced at $280

Thanks to a reader who emailed me with a question about the latest Treo, I landed on the front page of the Palm website tonight and was greeted by this pair of brand new 755p smartphones.


Listed as "Coming Soon!" with an attractive price of $280 (with service agreement through Sprint), the 755p is a mostly cosmetic upgrade to the existing 700p. It’s all about downsizing apparently, as the new device has lost about an ounce, a tenth of an inch, and the antenna stub. If it weren’t for all that and a miniSD card slot, the two Treos would be just about identical. In fact, their internals are!

Like the 700p, the 755p is equipped with:

  • Palm OS 5.4.9
  • 128MB memory
  • Intel XScale 312MHz processor
  • 320 x 320 TFT display (65K colors)
  • 1.3-megapixel digital camera
  • Bluetooth 1.2 and EVDO

Noteworthy and unique features of the Treo include integrated (as in preloaded onto the ROM) Google Maps, Sprint Mobile instant messaging, and built-in Microsoft Direct Push Technology.



  1. Color touchscreen
  2. Send button
  3. Power/End button
  4. Phone button
  5. Calendar button
  6. 5-way navigator
  7. Messaging button
  8. Applications button
  9. QWERTY keyboard
  10. Phone dial pad
  11. Stylus
  12. Digital camera
  13. External speaker
  14. Removable battery
  15. Volume buttons
  16. Customizable button
  17. Expansion slot
  18. Infrared port
  19. Ringer on/off switch
  20. Headset jack
  21. Multi-connector
  22. Microphone

Thanks, Veronica!

[Product page]
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