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8GB iriver W10 gets European product page

Iriver_w10_blackMike Kelly, the PR contact for iriver America, left a comment here a few months back divulging all kinds of details about the W10, arguably the second-most anticipated new device (the clix 2 being the first) the company showed off at CES this year.

I wasn’t sure how much stock to put into his set of specs at the time, but having just completed my usual scouring of iriver’s global pages, it turns out I should’ve rolled over my entire portfolio. Because exactly as Kelly suggested, the upcoming 8GB W10 portable media player will feature a miniSD card slot for expanded memory, 3-inch WQVGA (480 x 272) TFT touchscreen display, wi-fi adapter for VoIP calls and wireless-based GPS, and outstanding codec support that actually surpasses what iriver is already known for. That means that on top of the usual Flash Lite 1.1, MP3, WMA, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, AVI, and MPEG4-SP compatibility, the W10 is also all set for playback of AAC and H.264 files.

And just in case your head’s not spinning yet, the black and white players run on Windows CE (ensuring that "future applications can be integrated swiftly in the form of firmware upgrades") and are equipped with an FM tuner and recorder, built-in microphone for voice recording, mono speaker, and photo and text viewers.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced (though Kelly says next month is looking good for the U.S. market), but so far it looks like whenever and wherever the W10 does start shipping, it’ll come with nothing but a USB cable and earphones.

[iriver Europe]
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9 thoughts on “8GB iriver W10 gets European product page

  • Did you think I was just making this stuff up ;-)

    I’ll keep you all posted on more details as we get closer to launching the device.

    Thanks -MK

  • Do I get any credit for asking him on that Clix2 Unboxing page? =P

    Honestly though, I can’t wait till’ this thing comes out!
    Mike and Jenn! I’m holding you both to your word that this is coming out to the US in the next month! ;) =P

  • Definitely, John! :-)

    More pics of the device here. Now find out who that hand model is. I think she has a blog we need to be reading!

  • Avatar of Johnny B

    I am really excited for this to come out. Is it going to be out by the end of August or what?

  • It’s not looking good so far, Johnny. I haven’t heard anything anything about it since June.

    There seems to be some sort of hold-up in general, as the 8GB clix 2 still hasn’t made it to the iriver store (it’s readily available only on the gray market).

  • Things are looking bleak… That page hasn’t changed since it was put up, and it’s already February ’08! I’m really starting to think that iriver had dropped the W10 in favour of having only the W7.

  • i really want dis phone hit me up wit sum info u kno price and stuff

  • Avatar of Spencer

    Well it’s near 2009 now, and I still haven’t seen much on this awesome looking player. Any new info?


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