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Finally back online!

Next time I lose my mind and say "I’m going to disobey what was recommended to me . . . and deal with the consequences later," please knock that ridiculous idea out of my brain immediately and remind me about what’s been happening over the past few days.

Because depending on when you tried to access this site and what browser you were using, you either saw: one of several error messages (ranging from the standard "server not found" or "problem loading page" to the crazy "site temporarily disabled"), the main page without any formatting, a blue and white page with a message from me and some nonsense about Yahoo! at the bottom, or exactly what you’re seeing now.

Yes, for the past few days, pocketables has definitely been having problems. There were small windows of time when absolutely everything was fine (some of you were even able to post comments), and there were much bigger windows when everything was a complete mess. I don’t know why this happened because all I was trying to do . . .

. . . was transfer my domain to another registrar. That’s it!

It’s supposed to be a simple and smooth process that involves more waiting (up to 8 days) than anything else, but it turned out to be frustrating and rather rocky. I suspect the culprit behind all the screwiness to be my domain mapping but since at the moment everything seems to be back to normal, I’m just crossing my fingers that the issues are permanently resolved and that pocketables can continue on without any additional downtime.

Even though the interruption wasn’t planned, it was still timed very poorly. I’ve been keeping up with the big news, though, so although I’m late to the party, I’m not showing up completely empty-handed:

Palm Foleo turns smartphone into genius
Raon Digital announces Everun

I’ve been away for longer than this before, but it still feels great to be back. I missed you guys!

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  • Great to have you back! Love the site!


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