Metallic iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary

Iriver_d5My iriver D26 knew its place at the top wasn’t going to last forever. But it had no idea it would be dethroned like this!

Looking like a hulking piece of plastic in comparison, the D26 is now counting the days until the compact, metal-finished D5 usurps its "newest iriver Dicple e-dictionary" crown. If I didn’t share a roof with the D26, I would’ve forgotten what it looked like by now, especially after laying my eyes all over the D5’s 3-inch (480 x 272) TFT display, 52-key QWERTY thumboard, and PMP-esque functionality. In addition to iriver’s standard support of Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WMA, JPG, and TXT files and unlike its predecessor, the D5 can play Flash and MPEG-4 videos stored on its 2GB of internal memory. There’s also an FM radio, FM and voice recorder, and what appears to be a navigational controller well suited for right-handed folk.

Early reports mention something about Bluetooth, but none of the official info confirms that. My friends at dapreview indicate that iriver will be showing off their wares at the SEK2007 exhibition in Korea this week, so full specs will be available soon enough.

And these pictures should help us bide the time quite nicely.




Like the rest of the Dicple series, this one will definitely require the help of importer to make it into the U.S. Don’t expect it to come cheap either. Given how much I paid for the D26 a few months ago, I’m placing the D5 somewhere in the $350 to $450 range.

[via Engadget]
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4 thoughts on “Metallic iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary

  • Avatar of Spinel

    its really spiffy, thanks for the review. Just wondering what langauage dictionary does it have other than Korean? thanks

  • Avatar of bayu nasti

    I just want to ask about iriver D5 4GB
    i want to change about the seting language
    from korean to english
    please confirm by my as soon as posible


  • i just want to ask abot iriver D5 4gb, i want to change also the language from korea to english. thanks

  • It is sometimes amazing to see all those new electronic devices being intoduced into the asian market, with features never heard of in north american and european countries yet – the iriver D5 serves as a good example.


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