HTC Advantage (X7500): $780 with T-Mobile contract

MobilePlanet is currently selling the HTC Advantage (X7500, Windows Mobile 5) with several two-year voice and data contracts with T-Mobile.


Prices start at $780 and each package includes the carrier’s unlimited Total Internet service ($30/month) and one of four voice plans:

  • Get More ($40/month, 600 Whenever minutes)
  • Get More 1000 ($50/month, 1000 Whenever minutes)
  • Get More Ultra ($60/month, 1500 Whenever minutes)
  • Get More Max ($100/month, 2500 Whenever minutes)

The Advantage is being sold as the Ameo through T-Mobile in other parts of the world, but there’s no trace of it on the carrier’s U.S. site at the moment. I also asked a few local T-Mobile employees about its whereabouts several weeks ago, and no one knew what I was talking about.

So if you’re desperate to get a sort-of-decent price on the Advantage and don’t mind the contract, MobilePlanet may be one of your only options right now. In fact, compared to their$1150 unlocked X7500 ($1185 for the newer X7501), this subsidized offer seems like a pretty good deal.


The price quickly loses it appeal, however, once you remember that Amazon is currently selling the X7501 unlocked for $850 (I preordered mine over a month ago and am still counting down the days until it arrives).

So MobilePlanet may not be the best place to buy the Advantage itself, but it is selling a nice selection of cases and that docking station for $20 less than I’ve seen it elsewhere.

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