Samsung Q1P now awakens slowly

This weekend, the Samsung Q1P UMPC I’ve been using for the past 7 months decided to become a lazy sleepyhead.


It has been working overtime since my iBook died a few weeks ago, but I think it’s dragging its feet a little too much when it’s time to wake up. Back in April, my Q1P took 42 seconds to arise from its slumber (i.e., hibernation). Now, after months of routine optimization using Uniblue tools, virus and spyware scans, and hard drive defrags, it takes over 2 minutes!

What happened?

No, really, I’m asking. What happened?

Pretty much since the day I unboxed it, I’ve kept it hibernating whenever it wasn’t in use. I restarted and completely shut it down occasionally just for good measure, but for the part, when the Q1P wasn’t in my hands, it was sleeping.

When the Q1 keyboard arrived at my door in March, I plugged it into the UMPC’s right USB 2.0 port and left it there. I kept it plugged in almost all the time, hibernating, awakening, restarting, shutting down, and cold booting the Q1P in the process with no ill effects. Depending on my table space, sometimes I also used a wireless laser mouse with a USB receiver, usually keeping the receiver plugged in when the system was hibernating.

I haven’t timed bootup from hibernation since April, but I never noticed any unusual delays. In other words, as far as I was concerned, everything was just fine.

Until a few days ago.


That’s when my Q1P decided it was overworked, needed a break, and would take its sweet time waking up (not that its previous 42-second time was anything to brag about). It just started hanging, getting stuck at about the two-thirds mark (shown above).

It wasn’t until I unplugged the USB receiver and keyboard that it would awaken, and only after being put into hibernation again. Having both devices plugged in never had any impact on resume time before, so I just figured it was some sort of glitch. I ran through all of my usual optimization and system clean-up methods, anyway, just to be sure.

Everything was okay yesterday (with the peripherals plugged in), but now today it’s happening again. The only difference is that if I wait for 2 minutes, the progress bar will finish loading and the sleepy system will awaken to full capacity.

If I unplug everything before disturbing the Q1P’s rest, it gets moving about 30 seconds faster, which is better but still not as "good" as it was before.

Any ideas on what the problem could be and/or how to fix it?

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