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Sony Portable Reader for $100

UPDATE 07.06.07: Get the Reader here for just $50 after being approved for a Sony Card (via MobileRead).

If you’ve been thinking about buying the Sony Portable Reader (PRS-500) but haven’t been able to justify its original $350 asking price, then get out your credit card right now and click over to TigerDirect.


Don’t let the "5-inch Display" typo scare you. What you’re seeing really is the 9-ounce Reader, which stores up to 80 eBooks on 64MB of internal memory (plus countless more on removable memory sticks and SD cards) and displays each one with breakthrough "e-ink" clarity on the unit’s 6-inch screen, available right now for just $100.


Buy it before July 31st and you can even swoop in on Sony’s CONNECT eBook offer, which will get you $149 worth of free eBooks to fill up your new Portable Reader.

I don’t know what TigerDirect’s stock is like, but my husband just made it drop by one. 

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7 thoughts on “Sony Portable Reader for $100

  • My reader is currently helping me waste the summer away! The screen looks even better under the sun.

  • Now shows at $329.99 :(

  • or not at all availlable :(
    I’m still waiting for the color jpg/png/bmp… comic reader :(

  • We’re sorry, the product you have searched for is no longer available for sale.


  • Someone on the MobileRead forums said that TigerDirect only got 1000 units from Sony (some sort of special offer) and will likely not sell them at such a low price again.

    I hope some of you got to cash in while they were in stock. If not, SonyStyle has them now for $299. Nowhere even close to $100, of course, but better than the original MSRP. And that CONNECT deal is not too shabby either.

    I wonder if a new model is coming soon…

  • thx for the update, Jen. I’ve got my Sony card in my hands and my $50 Reader is on its way.


  • Great, eriK! It’s such an incredible deal.

    Let us know how you like it when it arrives. The one my husband ordered is actually for my dad, so it’s just been sitting here untouched for over a week. An unopened gadget still in its original shipping box is just plain wrong.


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