Unboxing the Nokia N800

If you have a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, you probably already know from Thoughtfix that yesterday’s new firmware release (version 4.2007.26-8) adds, among other things, Skype support and Flash 9 to your device.


Me? I just got done unboxing my new N800. A quick check in the Control Panel shows my firmware as version 2.2006.51-6, too, so I’m really far behind. I’ll try to catch up in the coming weeks, but this is where I’m at so far.


Yeah, I really wasn’t joking about just unboxing the little handtop.




How nostalgic this must be for long-time owners. It was probably still snowing when some of you were doing this (the N800 was released in January 2007).


The packaging may not have been too impressive, but look at all the stuff inside it! Of particular note are the 128MB miniSD card with adapter, carrying pouch, extra stylus, and stereo headset with microphone.



The pouch isn’t really anything to look at, but it’s definitely better than nothing.


These are probably the most stylish styli I’ve ever seen: triangular, silver accent, and various decorative cutouts.


Gee, I wonder which company’s headset this is.



I usually like to fully charge a new gadget before turning it on for the first time, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve had this on my wishlist for months.


Getting online was really easy, but generally speaking, I don’t think the device is very user-friendly right out of the box. I didn’t expect it to be monkey-simple (no offense), of course, but I suspect the average consumer and/or tech newbie would be pretty dumbfounded.


UPDATE: Read the full Nokia N800 review.

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14 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nokia N800

  • You have got Nokia 800? And HTC Advantage? And Sony UX? And you are poking fun at me for my measly Q1Ultra? :-)

  • And you’re posting comments from what, your Ameo (aka HTC Advantage)? ;-)

    BTW, which Ultra model did you get? I came really close to getting the Q1U-V, but it was out of stock. Now I think I want the Raon Digital Everun as my next UMPC instead. Either that or the HTC Shift.

    How’s the processor on the Ultra? My Q1P is slower than the UX, which isn’t exactly a speed demon, so I was a little concerned about the Ultra’s Intel A110 CPU, especially with Vista.

  • Everun sounds good, but I wouldn’t go back to XP, I love Vista on touchscreen PC. Also, I would not consider a device with a screen smaller than 7″ – UX has a GREAT screen, but for me it is a bit too small, especially for handwriting. Write one word and you have covered the whole screen. I think I would have the same issue with Everun.
    Shift does look good and if it were released yet I might have bought that one instead. The only major issue I have had with the 1st generation of UMPCs was the resolution (800×480 just is not enough for me). If HTC turns Shift into 1024×600 then that would be perfect!
    In the UK, they sell only one model of Q1Ultra so far, the one with 60GB HDD and Vista on it (no HSDPA yet, that one should be released in September).
    I must say I am really surprised with Q1U’s performance. It is definitely much faster than Q1. I do not have a UX anymore to compare it, but it is comparable to Sony VAIO TX series. Obviously, a powerful desktop will run circles around it, but Q1U’s performance does not lag behind a normal laptop. Of course this is only a personal observation, I am not running any benchmarks on it to be able to prove it.
    I do not run games or other heavy stuff on it, but normal stuff (Outlook/Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Access/OneNote/Publisher 2007, AutoRoute/Streets and Trips, Skype, MS Money, media etc.) runs just fine, unit is very responsive – and I am not a patient person!
    When I read that Q1U would have 800MHz processor I was worried, but the Dual Core stuff (whatever that means, I have got only a hazy idea) seems to make a world of difference!

    Did your Advantage arrive yet?

  • No, not yet. ETA is still August 6 – 24, which is just an inhumane amount of waiting.

    I haven’t taken to inking. It just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. How do you get around all of the vectoring issues when writing on the Q1U?

    It’s good to hear such positive feedback about Vista on a UMPC because it’s usually cited as the bane of the device. I was getting worried. I understand the common comment that Windows doesn’t belong on a UMPC, but I really like it. I still think there’s a place for Windows Mobile and MIDs running Linux, but I don’t ever want the full-blown OS handtops to go away.

  • My feelings exactly! I think there is a psychological issue at play – since there is a full version of an OS, people expect to be able to do the same things they can do on their powerful desktop system. I mean, you would not want to do a lot of video editing on a UMPC. For me, UMPC is an extension of my desktop, for when I need to have all my information with me (and do not need to do a LOT of inputing – in which case Sony TX comes in. I have not taken to the foldable keyboards, they are a bit too clunky).
    Haven’t really had many issues with vectoring – maybe because I have been using Tablet PCs for years now, it may take a bit of getting used to for someone new to pen computing though, I suppose. Having said that, I would LOVE a version of Q1Ultra with active digitizer. I really wonder why everyone has moved onto passive ones – quality of inking with active digitizer is infinitely better, speed of entry much higher (I used to love being able to use the top of my stylus as eraser on my HP TC1100). You would lose the ability to use your finger, but I would gladly trade it for an active digitizer, even at a premium!

  • My UX actually is my desktop! How anyone can honestly not marvel at or be impressed by having a full OS running (quite nicely, I might add) on such small hardware is beyond me. I would like to see SSDs as standard options for all UMPCs, though, as a mobile device should be able to withstand a fair amount of jostling.

    Now that my iBook is just about officially dead, I definitely have my eye on the Sony TX. In light of my recent spree, however, I don’t think I’ll be getting it soon.

    It’s probably precisely because of the loss of fingertip entry that passive screens are being embraced. Perhaps they’re cheaper as well?

  • I suppose they might be cheaper… personally, I would love to have both the active and passive digitizer (like Sahara Tablet PCs have). But I am sure that would drive the price high. Sahara allows you to pick-and-choose, I wish Samsung did the same thing, you could choose active, passive or dual… one can dream!
    During the brief time I have had Sony UX, I could see using it as a desktop. Unless you run serious software development or very complex games, I am sure it would be ok.
    Sony TX is great, I love it to death. But the TX line is being discontinued and replaced by another one, with one of the Sony cryptic names I cannot remember. On the other hand, it likely means you will be able to pick up a TX for a good price sometimes soon!
    I agree about the SSDs, I am actually very happy that a lot of manufacturers are starting to offer SSDs even in regular laptops (Samsnung and Sony amongst them). Definitely the way to go!
    I am loosing track of your technology… perhaps you could write an article about what gadgets do you use and what for?

  • It’s funny that you mention that because I’ve had a similar article on my to-do list for a few months.

    In the meantime, though, I actually keep a running list of my gadgets here. Devices on order aren’t included because I like to wait until I have something in hand to officially consider it mine. I’ve been keeping a list for years, long before this site, because I’m neurotic when it comes to cataloging collections. My dad’s fault.

    And I was just thinking that Sony has stuck with its TX line for longer than it sticks with a lot of other stuff! I want them to bring back the PictureBook. Although I guess the TX sort of evolved from it. I think it went PictureBook >> TR series >> TX series.

    Cheapest I’ve seen the model I like has been about $1600.

    BTW, why was your stint with the UX so brief?

  • Well, Sony DID stick with the TX line for longer than usual :-) I think TZ is the new TX. Very similar really, same size of the screen (and TX’s screen is really amazing!), same carbon coating (great!). I think they change the line only to force people to buy new accessories (I am sure docking stations and extended batteries accounts for quite a bit of Sony’s profit). I love the TX though, it is extremely usable for fun as well as work. And the battery life is incredible, I regularly run for 7+ hours – on the REGULAR battery, not the extended one. It is only since I got the TX that I stopped carrying a charger with me. That is my gripe with some portable gadgets – what good is a small gadget if you still need to carry a brick of a charger?
    I have bought the UX as a trial when it first came out and have been genuinely impressed. It is incredible what Sony managed to squeeze into it! Marvel of engineering indeed. It quickly became clear though that I need a bigger screen. 7″ is fine, but 4.5″ is just too small. I frequently need other people to see stuff on my screen, be it a presentation or a spreadsheet and UX’s screen just would not do it. It might be fine in a truly personal environment, but someone looking over your shoulder could not read anything. Besides, the small screen made it very difficult to use handwriting – by the time you write a word, the screen is full. The thickness of the UX also made it difficult to hold it with one hand and write with the other. To be fair, UX is marketed more towards the consumer market, for which it is perfect. If Sony came up with UX+ (UZ, I guess, given their naming conventions) with 7″ screen, I would buy it right away!
    By the way, Q1Ultra’s screen is the only screen I saw that compares to the screen in the UX.
    And I agree, PictureBook was amazing! I never had it, but if it came out updated for Vista I might give in… what am I saying, of course I would give in, I always do.
    Your gadget list beats mine… but I am not giving up :-)

  • I don’t know. You’ve already got the TX, Q1 Ultra, and Ameo in hand. All three are still on my list of must-haves, so I think you’ve got me beat :-)

    I had no idea the TX’s standard battery lasted so long! Wow! I read a handful of user reviews that included a laundry list of complaints, the primary one being that bootup takes over 3 minutes because of Vista, but no one mentioned the stellar battery life.

    I don’t think I’ll get another handtop with a sub-5″ screen again either. I’m testing out the FlipStart right now, which has a 5.6″ screen, and readability from a reasonable distance is pretty excellent. No eyestrain even after hours of continued use.

    Oh, I meant to ask you earlier, do you use the VueFLO function on your Ameo? And how are you getting on with the Q1 Ultra’s keyboard?

  • Hm, I never heard complaints about the long bootup time – but come to think of it, it is a little too long (though nothing out of the ordinary, I just tried it and it was about a minute, nowhere near the 3 minutes you mentioned). I barely ever shut the thing down though, I use the sleep mode (or hibernation mode when needed), the wake-up time is near instant (just timed it – 5 seconds).
    Good question about the VueFLO – I never did manage to make it work properly, but I think it has got something to do with T-Mobile’s modified ROM. The Ameo comes with both IE and Opera pre-installed. Personally I like IE (I am boring that way) so I have set it up as my default browser. But when I press the VueFLO button, it does not activate VuoFLO, it only launches VueFLO tutorial – in Opera. There must be a setting for it somewhere, but I haven’t really bothered. VueFLO is not important to me (or at least it wasn’t until you reminded me of it!).
    Ability to connect Ameo to a normal monitor is a nice touch I must say. I have used it only once or twice but in both cases it has been a lifesaver!
    Q1Ultra’s keyboard… seems to have split the reviewers right down the middle, half of them hate it half of them are indifferent. I actually really like it (no, I would not write a novel with it, but I am writing this post with it). If you are used to a full keyboard, you will likely have trouble using it for more than entering a password or a URL. But for someone used to Blackberry-esque keyboard the Q1Ultra’s keyboard is great! It does not replace full keyboard of course (I use an external foldable keyboard when needed) but complements it very well.
    It is sort of like DialKeys in the original UMPC’s, only with tactile feedback. I find that after 1-2 days of using the keyboard I reach a decent typing speed and accuracy. My only problem (for which I can’t blame Samsung) is the fact that I often need special non-English characters, accents etc. which the keyboard obviously does not have.
    Actually one thing that bothers me about Q1Ultra is LACK OF ACCESSORIES. I know that some cool accessories were promised, but where are they? Haven’t been able to fine any besides the extended life battery! Q1’s organizer doesn’t fit Q1Ultra, is there a new one coming? Perhaps a new USB keyboard also? I have bought Stowaway Sierra bluetooth foldable keyboard and while it is impressive how small the thing is, I am not as impressed with it when it is unfolded.

  • Oh, by the way – when you get your Advantage you MUST get the case from Piel Frama (, they really got it right. Advantage comes with a very nice leather case, but Piel Frama’s is perfect.

  • Ah, yes, I actually had my eye on the Piel Frama case (I hope Vaja or Noreve comes out with one as well). I think my first accessory will be the docking station.

    From what I’ve read, I don’t think you’re missing out too much on VueFLO. Maybe it’s different in person, but on paper it doesn’t seem very practical to tilt the device to scroll. I suppose it’s an interesting hands-free alternative.

    I think I would like the Q1 Ultra keyboard very much. I love the split keypad on the Pepper Pad 3. It’s so far the most usable thumboard I’ve ever used. Since the Q1U keys are smaller, I expect that it wouldn’t give me the same experience as the PP3 but probably pretty close. Closer than most other thumboards, anyway.

    I’ve come to believe that Samsung isn’t exactly a company of their word. I don’t think they intend to leave some of their promises unfulfilled, so I don’t know what the problem is. They’re not very forthcoming with details and often leave their customers in the dark. I’m a fan of their products, but I wouldn’t give them very many customer service points.

    I remember seeing something about a new organizer when the Q1U was first announced, but I don’t think there was a new keyboard. The original one is really good (I’m typing with it now), but I do wish it were wireless.

    (My, we’ve come quite a long way from unboxing the N800!)


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