Atree UM10 e-dictionary slides and tilts

Atree_um10Uh-oh. It looks like iriver will be getting some serious competition in the Asian multimedia e-dictionary market soon as fellow Korean company Atree appears set to unleash its brand new UM10, hands-down the most gorgeous PMP/e-dictionary hybrid I’ve ever seen (shh, don’t tell the D26).

Featuring an already impressive 3-inch widescreen display (480 x 272, 260K colors), T-DMB tuner, FM radio, microSD slot, Flash games, and complete PMP functionality (MP3, OGG, WMA, MPEG4, WMV, etc.), the 4.0" x 2.5" x 0.7" device one-ups all of its competitors not only by offering 4GB of internal flash storage, but also by adopting the slide-and-tilt design of the HTC Shift.

That’s right! Beneath what looks like a standard PMP or miniature slate lurks a QWERTY keyboard . . . that may actually be entirely reliant on a stylus. I’m sure it responds to thumbs, too, but none of the press shots confirm it.


As usual with these kinds of devices, pricing and availability are currently unknown. If I had to venture a guess right now, though, I’d say "about $500" and "only in Korea."

I’m starting to forget about the wifi-enabled Nurian Z1 . . .

More pictures here.

[Atree via jkkmobile]
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3 thoughts on “Atree UM10 e-dictionary slides and tilts

  • Shhhh….

    Don’t tell Jenn, but Atree and iriver share many things in common behind the scenes. In fact, Atree is an iriver spinoff… but don’t tell her. ;-)

  • Whew! Now I don’t feel like such a traitor. :-)

  • Avatar of Angel

    my sister has a black atree and it looks just like the first picture on this website( the smaller picture) and out of nowhere it stopped working and it wont even turn on. any idea on how to fix it or where the reset button may be. i want to try to fix it without havening to reset it so if you know how i can fix it or some ideas please let me know. but also let me know where the reset button is. thank you


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