Trading HTC Advantage for Samsung Q1 Ultra


I just did the unthinkable.

I canceled the unlocked HTC Advantage (X7501) I preordered in June and used the money, which was technically already spent, to buy the entry-level Samsung Q1 Ultra (Q1U-EL) instead.

About the only thing the two devices have in common is that they’ve both been holding places on my gadget wishlist since their respective launches. That’s it. Other than that, they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

The Advantage usually held the top spot on my list, which is why I ordered it the day I found out it was available, but waiting for Amazon to ship it has seriously been driving me crazy. My delivery estimate, which was already painful at August 6 to 24, got pushed back tonight to August 29 to September 10. Agonizing.

The Q1U, on the other hand, never really held the #1 position and began slipping farther down my list as new UMPCs and other devices in its price range ($900) were announced. It became something I wanted to get eventually. It never fell out of my favor completely, but whenever I started thinking about my next big purchase, there would always be something else I wanted just a bit more. And I’m ruled by the pleasure principle.

So, what happened? Why would I cancel the Windows Mobile 6 device I’ve wanted since last year and buy the Vista UMPC I kept putting off getting instead? Two words.


Can you guess what they are? And no, "ridiculously impatient," "illogical stupidity," and "utter nonsense" are not options (even if they are applicable here).

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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18 thoughts on “Trading HTC Advantage for Samsung Q1 Ultra

  • I suppose I should elaborate a bit. I can’t believe you gave up the HTC for the Q1U. You’ve had the HTC pre-ordered for what seemed like forever! But hey, who wants something later when they could have something now? Looking forward to reviews!

  • I really hope you don’t say “Steve Paine”! Although, I certainly would recommend the Q1U ultra over the Advantage for a lot of people wanting a rich online experience.

    HOw about “rich browsing” then?


  • “Four cents”? As in the amount of money you are saving as opposed to the Advantage? :-)
    Or “flipping a coin” as in the method for deciding between the devices?

    Either way, I think you will love Q1U!

  • “In Stock” sometimes trumps everything when our gadget list is in full swing doesn’t it? FIE over PIE (pocket internet experience since Opera is the default browser on the Advantage) at the same price point is not a bad decision either I think.

  • I will be interested to see how you fare with Vista on the Q1 Ultra. My experience was not so enjoyable.

  • “I will be interested to see how you fare with Vista on the Q1 Ultra. My experience was not so enjoyable.”

    ditto on both counts….

  • You can’t use your Q1U as a phone and it has no cams :P
    the battery life is shorter and its bigger.

    probably you did’t want a pocketable device anymore :-D

    i mean, the advantage fits in my jeans (without the keyboard) but the Q1U ….

  • Ah, jfl knows me too well. “In stock” it is. Certainly not as funny as some of your guesses (Steve, I definitely plan to blame you when I get the Nokia E90 and the Everun, so you’re not off the hook yet!), but true nonetheless. Like Benz said, too, “who wants something later when they could have something now?”

    A part of me is still really bummed that I won’t be getting the Advantage right now, but I don’t regret the impulsive decision. Of course, I may be singing a different tune when I actually give Vista a whirl (Greg and dan, I have heard that the OS has absolutely no business being on a UMPC).

    @ Benz: The Advantage and Q1U both have touchscreens. The former is only VGA, though, which is excellent for a smartphone but not so great for web browsing. I do still want to get the Advantage one of these days, but unless I find an extra $1K stuffed in my couch, it won’t be anytime soon.

    @ Bruno: Your guesses made me laugh. The Advantage I had ordered was actually only $850, which seems to be the lowest price around at the moment. I did a quick search of other retailers before buying the Q1U just in case it was in stock.

    I’ve said this before, but you know that you currently have in your possession everything I want, right? Ameo/Advantage (did you upgrade to WM6 yet?), Q1U (which model again? I know it’s running Vista…), and the Sony TX.

  • @ Jenn: $850? You do realize that completely invalidates my “four cents” guess? :-) Really good price though (although it is more than four times what I paid for mine).
    I do love my Q1 (the model numbers are different in Europe, but it is equivalent to Q1U-V in your comparison table). I love the Advantage as well, though my first impression was a bit lukewarm. Comparing the two devices one thing becomes obvious – I won’t consider a mobile device without mobile connectivity (3G / HSDPA). My Q1U does not have HSDPA connectivity, those models come out in a month or so and may upgrade then. Of course I can tether the UMPC to a mobile phone and connect that way, but having the connectivity seamlessly built-in would really blur the line between smartphones and UMPCs.
    As far as performance goes, I have not upgraded mine to 2GB of RAM yet, which is supposed to make a lot of difference, but I do not have any issues with the performance as it is.
    The TX is great! It still amazes me how functional it is, how light, slim and just plain beautiful it is. I really wish Sony made a tablet PC, I truly do.
    I have not upgraded my Advantage to WM6 yet – is the upgrade out already? That would be great, I love WM6!
    And while I do have Advantage/Q1U/Sony TX and a few other choice gadgets, I would trade it all for a chance to live in sunny Hawaii! :-)

  • “And while I do have Advantage/Q1U/Sony TX and a few other choice gadgets, I would trade it all for a chance to live in sunny Hawaii!”

    Done! Send me all your gear and I’ll give you my house keys. :-)

    I have untetherable EDGE on my iPhone, so mobile connectivity will continue to elude me. Is it futile to wish for free WWAN in the future?

  • Avatar of MathProfJohnson

    Jenn- do you have the Q1U yet? I got mine and was SHOCKED to find it only has 45GB listed for the drive. Although the screen is BEAUTIFUL and the added features are great, still trying to figure out if the purchase was justified so I will use it more than the approximately 10-15 times I used the Samsung Q1.

  • No, the day after writing this post, I ended up canceling the Q1U and reordering the Advantage. Now I don’t think I’ll get the Q1U until next year, mostly because I just bought the Sony TZ notebook and my checking account needs a few months to recover.

    I don’t know where the extra 3GB are on the Q1U, but I know my Q1P had only 48GB free out of the box. There’s an explanation here.

    How are you getting on with the keyboard? I really love the split keypads on the Pepper Pad 3 (typing this with them now), so the Q1U’s interpretation was something I was looking forward to trying.

  • Avatar of MathProfJohnson

    Jenn- I see. I was looking forward to a review from you on the Q1u. I am barely using the split keyboard, but it is useful for minimal input. I have nails so it is difficult to type things out fast on that split keyboard or even accurately. This system seems to have MAJOR issues vectoring, so I am trying to overcome it. I guess am just really spoiled with my p1610. In all, I am pleased with the purchase, but like your TZ experience the “out of box” was horrible. I actually completely formatted the drive and Vista was incredibly fast. I have an old T150 so I am sure you will enjoy your new TZ. If only Sony made tablet in that size :(

  • I’m going to try to buy the Q1U at the beginning of next year. I’ve been debating between choosing it or the HTC Shift as my next UMPC, but after Hugo confirmed the 800 x 480 resolution today, the Q1U has the lead (again).

    It’s good to hear that Vista can perform well on the new Intel CPU. I keep reading about how Vista has no business on a UMPC, so your thoughts are a refreshing change. Did you have to disable Aero and most of Vista’s eye candy to achieve the speeds you wanted?

    I’m really fickle about my nails, so I don’t mind having to keep them short if it makes the Q1U keyboard more usable. My concern over them was actually their size. They look like Treo keys, which I’ve always found to be too small for comfortable thumb typing.

  • Hi StephenD. Will you be upgrading the 7500’s OS to Windows Mobile 6?

    With WM’s internet sharing feature, you should have no problem tethering via BT (or USB) to the Q1P. Depending on whether you can access your company’s site with the Advantage, you should probably hold on to the Q1P and just share the former’s internet connection with it. Funnily enough, I just sold my Q1P a few weeks ago to buy the Fujitsu U810.

    What kind of connectivity does Hilo have right now? Honolulu just got HSDPA through AT&T, so I use the sharing feature all the time.

    Oh, and my earlier comment about EDGE being untetherable was only specific to the iPhone, which doesn’t support BT DUN. The iPhone’s SIM is 3G, though, so I use it in the Advantage.

    All of my Advantage coverage to date can be found here. I’m not done writing about it yet, so you can expect more feature-specific reviews and other articles in the future as well.


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