Asus Eee PC 4G now shipping


If you preordered the $400 Asus Eee PC 4G from AllAsus a few months ago, then the 7-inch mini notebook may already be sitting in your mailbox. That’s because although shipping was previously estimated to begin around mid-November, AllAsus is reporting that their "first batch" of units is already in stock and shipping.

Didn’t preorder? Don’t worry. Best Buy should be getting their supply in soon, and Newegg is ready to ship the 4GB/512MB/webcam model tomorrow. Exact availability dates of the other Eee PC models (8G, 4G Surf, and 2G Surf) have not yet been disclosed, but while you wait, you can check out a nice "demo" of the interface at Honey Pot Hack (via jkOnTheRun) or just take a peek at the official quick guide.

[via Gadget Lab]
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9 thoughts on “Asus Eee PC 4G now shipping

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    Ordered mine yesterday (I’ll buy the tiny apple lappie when it comes out, toooooo).

    I’ll let you know what it’s like once I’ve had a few minutes to play with it!


  • Fantastic, Bush! Now you won’t have to be torn between two devices when Apple’s unit comes out. Well, at least not these two devices, anyway. :-)

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    OMG, this is sooooooo cute. Wow.

    I stacked it on a fujitsu lifebook (b series) and put the lifebook/eee on my macbook (13.3″). They’re about equal steps down from each other.

    Initial impressions:

    Setup is a snap. Battery came with some charge so I was able to play RIGHT away. Keyboard is tight and keys have a fair amount of play. They really feel like chicklets under the fingertips.

    I’m not sure I like the trackpad’s button.. it’s a single bar and I’ve not figured out how to right click (ok, I’ve had it exactly 3 minutes…). The trackpad is set very sensitive, arrow zips around the screen lending quite a feel of responsiveness.

    It automatically detected the 2 wireless networks in my office. Verynice. Signal strength is about the same as my macbook reports.

    Tabbed interface takes about 10 seconds to get used to. The screen icons are large, as expected on an 800×600 screen.

    Inserting SSD card brings up manager asking what I’d like to open: music player, file manager, image manager. Nice. File manager looks exactly like it does in windows, only the icons are diff.

    Do not yet know if I’ll leave Xandros on this or not. Damn Small Linux would free up quite a bit of my 4gb internal but I like the lookfeel of Xubuntu, more.

    Ah, debates for another day.

    This is terrific, so far. Already regretting having only ordered one.

    Sorry there’re no pics, my clie’s camera is TERRIBLE.

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    2 things:

    I think it’s an 800×480 screen and my initial typing test shows I’m only barely faster, and possibly less accurate, then I am on the clie (NX80)’s keyboard.

    Hopefully, practice will improve this!

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    *sigh* wouldn’t it be nice if one could EDIT one’s comments?

    Screen — 800×600. It drove an external monitor all the way to 1600x something, which was way surprising.

    Finally found the terminal (we tried all sorts of esoteric keycombos only to find it conveniently placed under TOOLS in the file manager) and are debating packagehandling. I still think dropping to Damn Small Linux is the way to go as that’ll free up nearly ALL the internal HD. My concern is keeping the wifi working under the new OS so it’s babysteps for now.

    Still, the small size has my office agog. Asus has a good thing, here, and that’ll get better if/when they get a 10″ screen out.

    Thanks for letting me use yer site to ramble, Jenn.

  • I happily welcome your thoughts, Bush. Thanks for sharing them.

    Where did you get yours from? I’m sure you’ve already read about Newegg accidentally shipping out 5 units instead of 1 to a handful of people. I wonder how many of those units are up on eBay right now.

    What are your impressions on build quality? How’s the browsing experience? Overall performance?

    I’d be interested in a comparison between this and the Pepper Pad 3…

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Jenn –

    I know you just picked up the U810, and you already have a nice collection of handhelds, but you’re gonna have to seriously consider getting an Eee PC. It’s that neat of a device…

    I just received mine today from NewEgg, and I’ve been using it all day as my only machine. Running the standard Xandros OS that is preinstalled, it has been able to do everything I throw at it, and this is with only 512MB RAM.

    I’ve had Firefox running with multiple tabs, one of them being Sirius streaming radio, along with Pidgin IM, Skype, and some of the OpenOffice apps. Doesn’t seem to bog down at all, it just keeps humming right along. Even YouTube works flawlessly…

    Firefox runs exactly like it does on a PC, I really can’t tell a difference. The screen brightness and clarity is excellent, and the speakers are some of the best I have heard on any laptop. Web cam works good, with very little lag, wireless signal is strong, and the overall build quality is top-notch. In fact, if this thing had a Sony VAIO logo on it instead of Asus, I wouldn’t even question it, it looks that nice. Reminds me of the previous TX-series from Sony, the way the hinges are and the size of the keyboard and trackpad.

    I initially had no interest in this machine, but after reading various reviews, and the forums at, I was sold. Once various hacks and tweaks are figured out, things should even get better.

  • All right, orbital, my credit cards officially have a crush on you. Most of your comments always end up with them coming out of my wallet for some fresh air. They love to show off their numbers!

    If I hadn’t sworn off 7-inch devices from my collection, I think I’d be all over the black or pink Eee PC. I haven’t been reading all of the reviews that have come out, but the ones I have are definitely making me reconsider. The price is so attractive that it almost doesn’t matter if the device ends up becoming a dust collector.

    At the same time, though, I still don’t think a 7-inch computer fits into my lifestyle anymore, especially not with the Vaio TZ around.

    Is it permanently replacing another device for you or was your exclusive usage of it the other day done just for kicks? How does it fit with among the rest of your daily gear?

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Jenn, it’s probably not going to replace anything, because I do still prefer the touchscreens on my other devices. But it will supplement them, maybe eventually replacing one of my laptops that I just basically use as a quick web browsing terminal.

    I’ve been using the Eee PC at work hooked up to an external monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, and I love that it is so small and easy to hide out of the way.

    Plus, I am anxious to see what all the Linux hackers out there come up with on the Eee…similar to what’s happened with the Nokia Internet Tablets, those devices do so much more than they originally did out of the box.


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