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Review: Sony S610 Walkman


The S610 Walkman series is one of Sony’s first portable media devices to support video playback. Available in 2GB (S615F), 4GB (S616F), and 8GB (S618F) capacities, the flash player is also among the company’s new generation of products that finally embrace an "open format" by shunning both SonicStage and ATRAC, its proprietary audio codec, in favor of Windows-based drag-and-drop and syncing with Windows Media Player.

Read on for my full review.

System specifications

2GB, 4GB, 8GB
Supported audio:
Supported video:
MPEG-4, H.264/AVC (M4V)
Photo viewer, FM radio
Display: 1.8” TFT (320 x 240)
Dimensions: 3.11” x 1.65” x 0.45”
Weight: 1.8 ounces
Black, pink, red, silver (Sony Style exclusive)

Take a look at my S610 unboxing to view the player’s packaging and included accessories. Other accessories, such as a Bluetooth adapter, cradle, speaker systemir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here, and various cases, are available separately.

Update 11.25.07: Read my full Sony Walkman cradle review.


Designed with a more youthful demographic in mind (according to the press release), the S610 looks and feels a bit like a toy because of its heavily rounded corners and mostly plastic casing.


Build quality is good, but not quite on par with what I’ve come to expect from Sony. The player creaks when squeezed and although this isn’t really the case, it feels like I could pry the device apart at its seams with little effort.


Tiny flecks of silver and blue are embedded into the plastic, which is smooth and resistant to smudges and fingerprints. This "glitter effect" furthers the toy association for me because the only time I come across glittery plastic is when I’m shopping for my 1-, 3-, and 5-year-old nieces.



There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the size of the S610.



It isn’t the smallest or the thinnest player around, but it’s by no means too big or too thick either. From a comfort standpoint, I think it could stand to be a little wider, as my fingers tend to feel cramped after using the device for even short periods of time (under 30 minutes).



Although the S610 Walkman’s TFT screen measures only 1.8 inches diagonally, viewing photos/videos and reading text is easy on the eyes and quite enjoyable.


Screen brightness can be adjusted in five levels, and a clock screensaver can be set to automatically display after 15, 30, or 60 seconds of screen inactivity. The clock can also be called up manually through the player’s context menus.


For such a small screen with such low resolution, the S610 does a fine job of accurately reproducing colors and fine details. Images are bright, colorful, and sharp.


The display can be rotated manually through the context menu available in each section of the system (the function of the controls rotate along with it). Orientation "rules" can also be set so that, for example, all videos play back in right-handed landscape mode by default.


There’s really no learning curve for using the S610 Walkman because its controls are labeled and logically placed.


On the front of the player is the 5-way control (the blue arrows for navigating through the menus, the silver center button for starting/pausing media playback), back/home button (quick press for going back to the previous menu or screen level, press and hold for returning to the home menu), and option/power button (quick press for bringing up context menus, press and hold to turn off the screen and enter standby mode).

The player will stay in standby for about a day before it is turned off completely. Any button will turn on/awaken the device and display the Now Playing screen.


To prevent accidental operation of the S610, there’s a dedicated hold switch on the left side of the player.


Volume controls (0 to 30) are on the right side.


At the top is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.


And on the bottom are a reset button and what Sony calls a WM-PORT jack. This proprietary connection is used for charging and syncing the player, as well connecting to various accessories.


Graphical user interface

Like the hardware controls, the S610’s graphical user interface is straightforward and easy to understand for users of all levels of expertise.


The home menu isn’t customizable, but it still makes navigation a breeze because each icon corresponds to a particular function. From top left to bottom right: Intelligent Shuffle, FM Radio, Initial Search, Photo Library, Music Library, Video Library, Settings, Playlists, Now Playing.

When an icon is selected using the 5-way control, a line of text describing its function appears near the bottom of the screen and the graphic enlarges and glows orange.

There is absolutely no lag time between pressing a button and reaching the desired area of the system, so navigation is very fast.


One oddity in the GUI is that certain functions you’d expect to be grouped together are actually treated separately. For example, playlists have their own home menu icon and are therefore not accessible through the music library.

A similar anomaly can be found in the way play modes are handled. Pressing the option button while on the Now Playing screen brings up a context menu. Selecting "Play Mode" from this menu (which can also be accessed via Home -> Settings -> Music Settings -> Play Mode) displays five modes: normal, repeat, shuffle, shuffle & repeat, and repeat 1 song.


This would be fine and standard . . . if there wasn’t a dedicated Intelligent Shuffle icon on the home menu. "Shuffle All" duplicates the shuffle or shuffle & repeat play modes, while "Time Machine Shuffle" selects a release year randomly and plays back all songs from that year in random order.

Although the "Time Machine Shuffle" is a unique feature (assuming your ID3 tags are in tiptop shape) and I understand the appeal of having quick access to a general shuffle mode, I’m not sure that it deserves its own home-menu icon.

Transferring content


Included with the S610 is a software CD that contains Napster (free 14-day trial subscription), the product manual, Windows Media Player 11, and a utility called MP3 Conversion Tool that will convert ATRAC audio files to MP3s.

The S610 is an MTP-based PlaysForSure device, so it is compatible with Windows computers running any version of XP or Vista (32-bit). Other operating systems are not supported.


Assuming you have a Windows PC with the latest service pack installed, transferring media to the player is as easy as drag-and-drop through Windows Explorer. The device is automatically recognized when plugged into a USB port and will appear in "My Computer" under the "Portable Devices" section.


Clicking on the Walkman icon opens its directory, which allows you to drag and drop various files into the appropriate folders. Each media folder has its own set of (inconsistent) rules:

  • Eight levels of folders and loose files can be added to the MUSIC folder. Folders and files are displayed on the player in alphabetical order.
  • One level of folders and two levels of loose files can be added to the VIDEO folder. Videos are displayed in the order that they were transferred to the player (most recent on top).
  • One level of folders and two levels of loose files can be added to the PICTURE folder. Pictures can also be transferred to the DCIM folder, but it will only recognize a folder on the first level and files on the second level. Folders are displayed on the player in alphabetical order.

The six folders shown in the screenshot above cannot be renamed or deleted.

Content can also be managed using Windows Media Player and other music software such as Media Monkey or Winamp.


Once music is loaded onto the S610, it can be accessed by ID3 tag (song, album, artist, genre, release year) or folder and searched (by artist, album, or song) using the Initial Search function found on the home menu.


Playlists cannot be created directly on the player, but others songs in your library can be searched for based on the information displayed on the Now Playing screen, enlarged cover art and detailed song information can be viewed through the context menu, the Now Playing screen can be set to pop up every time a new song plays, and playback ranges can be customized.


A carousel-like menu system with a horizontal index scroller at the top makes scrolling through extensive libraries simple and painless. Lists can also be scrolled through completely using the up and down arrow keys, but using the left and right arrows to jump to alphabetically grouped sections is often faster.



In addition to two custom EQs (five bands and Clear Bass values), the S610 has five preset sound settings: none, heavy, pop, jazz, and unique.

VPT (Surround)

There are also a handful of options that are supposed to make the sound more vibrant but that actually sometimes distort and add a considerable amount of echo to what is otherwise very nice audio quality (so say my ears, anyway). The seven options are none (off), studio, live, club, arena, matrix, and karaoke. The studio, live, club, and arena settings supposedly simulate the appropriate sound fields; the matrix setting replicates a rich sound field; and the karaoke option suppresses vocals.

The latter choice definitely works as advertised, but the rest are contestable.

Sound quality

I wouldn’t say that Sony’s preset EQs or proprietary VPT (Virtual Phone Technology) sound processing technology are rubbish, but they’re not a perfect match for my ears and Sennheiser CX300S in-ear headphones. Consider the two customizable EQs and the ability to disable VPT, however, and it’s a different story: sound can be incredibly rich, clear, and bright.

It can also get very loud with minimal distortion. There are 30 volume levels available and I keep mine set at between 8 and 10.


The idea of viewing anything on a 1.8-inch display may not make your optometrist too happy, but the S610’s great screen and super smooth video playback (up to 30 frames per second) make it not just possible, but actually enjoyable.




The preloaded Surf’s Up trailer and a movie I transferred myself via drag-and-drop looked amazing on the S610. The device’s play mode options (single file playback or continuous playback) and the fact that up to 1,000 video files can be displayed in the video library make it obvious that Sony doesn’t suggest that you watch a 3-hour epic on the player’s small screen, but I bet you wouldn’t go blind either.

I say this (tongue-in-cheek, of course) not only because of the stellar video quality but also because of the zoom functions:

  • Auto: The video keeps its aspect ratio and is enlarged/reduced to fit the screen. The "long side" of widescreen (16:9) videos fully fit the screen.
  • Full: The video keeps its aspect ratio and is enlarged/reduced to fit the screen. The "short side" of widescreen videos fully fit the screen (left and right sides are cut off).
  • Off: The video appears at its original resolution. If it is too large, then all sides of the image are cut off.

Here’s an illustration from the user’s guide (the dotted frame represents the original image size):


There’s also an option that turns off the screen but continues to play the video’s audio, which I suppose could be useful for "watching" concert footage or musicals.


The S610 Walkman is relatively light on the extras, including just a photo viewer and FM radio with the standard feature set.

Photo viewer


The photo library (like the video library and album list) can be viewed in three display formats: thumbnail only, title and thumbnail, and title only.

As shown in the "Display" section of this review above, photos look fantastic. Colors are accurate and well saturated, fine details are shown, and the images can be viewed in portrait and landscape orientations.

Slideshows can be played with music with vague "short," "normal," and "long" intervals between each picture. The transition between photos is a simple fade and slideshows can be played through once or set on repeat.

FM radio


The features of the S610’s FM radio is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s got 30 presets, manual and automatic station scans, scan sensitivity, monaural/stereo reception, and a wordy "go to the song playback screen" option to return to the Now Playing screen and begin playback of whatever track was last played.

What the radio doesn’t have (that many other players do) is FM recording.

Player in action

Here’s a quick video demo of the S610 in action.

Battery life

Hold on to your jaws, folks. The S610 Walkman’s non-removable battery has an estimated runtime of up to 33 hours for audio playback and up to 8 hours for video playback, depending on screen brightness and other variables.


The battery receives a full charge via USB in about 3 hours and an 80 percent charge in about 1.5 hours. An AC adapterir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here for presumably faster charging is available separately.


Competitively priced at $89.95 (2GB), $109.95 (4GB), and $159.95 (8GB), the Sony S610 Walkman digital media player offers excellent video playback, great audio quality, outstanding battery life, and (most significantly for a Sony product) freedom from SonicStage.


Its ease of use and simple user interface make it a nice choice for the younger crowd of MP3 enthusiasts that Sony is specifically targeting, but more advanced users and audiophiles may be unimpressed with the S610’s "new" features (video playback and drag-and-drop), which have been included as standard on other companies’ players for years.

The Sony S610 Walkman series is available at Sony Style, image 2592750 10396361 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAmazonir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here, and other retailers.

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68 thoughts on “Review: Sony S610 Walkman

  • Been waiting for this one. Thanks for the review.

  • Avatar of Nicky

    Jenn, nice review! It is a nice player for the price. Sony finally changed her mind but it may be too late.

  • Avatar of Eric Curtner

    Could the reviewer please contact me via email? I have tried to copy three different movies (in mp4 format) to my player and continue to get “Cannot play: file format is not supported” message. What am I doing wrong?


    Eric Curtner

  • Did you create the files yourself or download them from somewhere? Is the audio in the movies AAC-LC or MP3? It needs to be in AAC-LC.

    Any video that will play on an iPod (except those purchased from iTunes) will play on the S610, so if you’re converting the files yourself, you may want to select the iPod profile (if it exists) in the program you’re using or try an iPod-specific converter.

    I use CloneDVD Mobile for everything and it usually works without a hitch.

  • The device looks awesome, i’m planning to purchase it. I think that your review is great, covers all that we consumers need to know. I like the video you did to show the walkman in action. It’s awesome, thank you!

  • Thanks, Kay. I appreciate your comments. :-)

  • Anyway, i’m charging the walkman right now, and it has taken me more than 3 hours already. It shows at the screen- Connecting USB (MTP). What does that mean? and the battery level is only one.

  • When the player is properly connected, the battery indicator should be constantly “filling up” as it charges. In other words, unless the battery is fully charged (“FULL” appears in the middle of the icon), the indicator should always be moving/animated.

    “Connecting USB (MTP)” just means that the player is in the process of connecting or already connected. I don’t know why it doesn’t change to “Connected” or something. If the device shows up in “My Computer,” then it’s correctly connected.

    Which OS are you running?

  • HEY :D
    umm i’m looking at 4 mp3 players:
    *This one (Sony S616F)
    *Creative Zen V Plus
    *Samsung K3
    *Sansa e260/50?
    what would you recomend out of these for someone who, wants high sound quality, durability & ease of use/good GUI?


  • Hi Sam. I don’t have any experience with Sansa players, but of the other three, my vote would be for the Sony. Actually, I’d recommend the A810 series (review here) over this S610 one.

  • Jenn, are those navigation buttons touch-sensitive, or are they clickable?

  • Despite their appearance, they’re clickable. It’s strange that Sony mixed the look/feel of the controls when they’re basically all buttons.

  • currently my songs r in the format of (oma.) and the tittle of the songs r in number codedats , is the player capable of correcting the tittle to its original name??

  • The S610 doesn’t support OMA files. Only MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10, WAV,and AAC-LC tracks can be played.

  • i thought the MP3 conversion tool will convert any htrl files??

  • Oh, yes, the supplied conversion tool converts ATRAC to MP3. You didn’t mention conversion in your earlier comment, so I thought you were asking if the S610 would automatically correct titles when you loaded OMA files onto it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any ATRAC files, so I don’t know if the converter will auto-correct anything. I suspect that it won’t (unless it connects to the CDDB to update ID3 tags, which is something I’ve never seen mentioned), but I’m not 100% sure.

  • Avatar of Regan

    I have the latest version of Windows XP and the Windows Media Player 11. Do I even need the supplied software to transfer music to the Player. I bought the unit used and the software was missing.

  • Avatar of Dan.Mac

    Well I was hoping that my purchase of a New sony Model NWZ-618F was a smart choice. My first unit ran great(for 1 week) until I needed to charge unit. It never happened. I return it for another new one right out of box and came home expecting it to work.
    Surprise it also never took a charge or transferred files. I called a support tech and he said to return for a new one.

    So after 6hrs of trying to get these 2 highend mp3’s working it was a no go.
    I’m Pissed. Thats what I have to say of this mp3 player. Later.

  • Avatar of Huminus

    Thank you for this good review! One question from my side: It is possible to display txt files and to add bookmarks to these files – with other words, it is possible to use this mp3 player as a e-book reader? Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar of RICKY


  • @ Huminus: A photo viewer and FM radio are the player’s only extras. You could use the device as an ebook reader if you converted the text files into JPGs, but that’s about it.

    @ RICKY: As discussed in the “Transferring content” section of the review, media is loaded onto the player via drag-and-drop or any MTP-based music management software like WMP, Media Monkey, and Winamp.

    How to convert videos depends on what kind of file you’re starting with. For example, do you want to rip a DVD? Download a different format? Purchase and download from an online store? Convert what you already have?

  • Avatar of wietass

    Hi jenn, like always great review, i got a question.which is beter this sony or the iriver x20, i really can’t decide.

  • I don’t really think that any player is absolutely better than another, as everything depends on each person’s individual needs and preferences. For example, if what you want/need is a memory card expansion slot, then the X20 is the right choice. On the other hand, if what you want is a smaller, lighter form factor, then the S610 series is for you.

    Each player has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, all of which vary from person to person. For instance, some people may think an FM radio without FM recording is absolute crap, while others may not even blink at the omission of the feature. It just all depends on the user.

    If you’re struggling to decide between the two, you may want to sit down and seriously consider exactly what you want from a player. Is an expansion slot a must-have or a nicety? Do you need a bigger screen size, WMV support, or more color options? Is cost a factor? Answering these (or similar) questions for yourself should make your choice crystal clear. Good luck!

  • the drag and drop technology between S610 and A810 is it the same? or the importing of songs is in a different way?

  • You left out a big issue: battery replacement. Is there any chance of the user replacing the battery on either new Sony player, even at the cost of voiding the warranty?

    What does Sony charge to replace a battery? One assumes they’ll impose an Apple-like $60 fee and a multi-week hiatus in the hospital, but maybe Sony finally got religion on this too.

  • Avatar of John B

    Does anyone know if the S610 works smoothly with Yahoo Music Jukebox?

  • hi there i have jut bought one of thouse but i’m having a problem with it when it come to transfaring videos in to it it ok here is the problem
    1- some times it says that the device has stopped responding or it has been unplaged
    2- when i manage to transfer the video i got another problem and that’s that the player doesn’t play it it says its not a aupported format when its an mpeg4 format
    can you help plz many thanks

  • Avatar of Ali Venell

    You can convert videos to Sony NWZ-S615F with video conversion tool called SUPER. It’s freeware.

    When you have it installed select output video codec H.264/AVC, audio codec AAC, video scale size 320×240, video bitrate kbps 768, audio bitrate 64kbps. These parameters worked fine with my sony.

  • thank you for you help i have used allok mpeg converter and it worked great for me after a long time of trying to sort it out .. will try that SUPER too and see how it goes
    again thank you so much

  • Avatar of Ali Venell

    No problem.

    I think most of the people don’t understand that the player has a maximum of 768kbps video rate, less than 320×240 resolution and the decoder is H.264/AVC decoder with baseline 1.3 profile.

    You can change the other parameters as long as these are below maximum.

  • I just have one question does the mp3 player play movies up to 2 hours or no?

  • i got 1h35mis one in mine and it played ok mind you my mp3 player is 8gb

  • I have another question. I want to know can you get movies off of lime wire and download to your mp3 player and does it have iternet on the mp3 player??

  • Hi, I just bought this player as a christmas gift and was trying to load all my music files on the player before giving. Anyway, all my music is in itunes. What is the easiest way to convert my music files in itunes to the walkman? Should the software CD convert itunes files or should I download some freeware to convert? I spent hours trying to figure this out last night! I am not savaay enough to say which kind of files are supported in my itunes. Thanks!

  • Avatar of Ivan Gruel

    I liked this I-pod please e-mail me all the information on this product. Thankyou: Ivan Gruel

  • Just got this Sony as a present. I would like to know where is a good place to buy mp3s. (yes,I said buy) Can itunes work? or should I go elsewhere?

  • @ Tom: iTunes Plus (DRM-free songs) should work, but they’re more expensive than regular iTunes tracks and the selection is limited. You may want to give Amazon’s MP3 shop a try; it’s cheaper and the entire catalog is DRM-free.

  • Thanks Jenn! Excellent write up and I didn’t even notice the colored flakes until I read your review.

  • does anyone noes wads the napster is used for?

  • Does this player support playlists? If so, can you drag and drop them like the other files?
    Is it possible to disable standby mode and just have the player turn completely off?

  • Avatar of WillieDynamite

    I have this player and love it. I also have the Motorola Q9C which has a windows media player function and two Ipods (5.5G and 2G nano). This player’s ease of use and SQ got me away from Apple. My Moto Q sounds better than the Ipods.

    Brad, I don’t know if you can drag and drop playlists without using some other program. The default method (WM11) works great. I also use Napster which is good too.

    Ann, Napster (or Napster 2 Go) which is included for free for 14 days is a legal subscription service where you can get all the music you want (or your computer can hold) at good quality (192) as long as you pay the subscription ($15 monthly). I thought it would be a hot ass mess, but was suprised it was easy and has saved me money from buying at the record stores (remember them?). I also had tunebite installed on my computer so I’m storing those files on a hard drive. The Sony – Windows Media Player – Napster lovefest works very well together.

    Jenn, I love your reviews. They are so informative and give me exactly what I need to know. I know you reviewed the Dock for this player. If you come across any of the other accessories I would love for you to review them. I got the “holster” for this player and wasn’t that impressed with it, but at the time seemed like the best option over the ugly cases offered by Sony’s website. I’ve been extra hard on this player (physically) and even accidently lauched it five feet across concrete and the casing got a little scratched. You can’t tell where the scrach is because I filled it in with a Sharpie. I am planning to buy the 8G version of this player next month since I can’t find the 8G version of this in any of my local stores. I will probably buy a proper case (not a holster) at that time.

    I would love your opinion on the cases offered by Sony for this player. Especially considering that I work out and run with this player and like you said the materials of this player “feel” very cheap.

    PS – I love when you show the MP3 Players laying on top of one another. Product Porn at it’s best.

  • Willie, is it possible to disable standby mode and just turn off the player completely?

  • tys for telling! btw, is there any program that can change OMA. to mp3 format?(cuz i dun think the player can support)

  • Hello Jenn

    I’m a new fan, from Brasil.

    Bought this player and it’s WONDERFUL. The battery, the sound quality. BUT you do not know how much this little piece is good until you play some movie from you computer in it. DAMN PERFECT!!! I downloaded some from youtube, “translated” (heheh) with the “Total Video Converter” (yeah, not free) to .mp4 ipod format, and BANG! I’m hooked.

    I’m sad only because bought the 4g (616) not the 6 gigas (618) version. Bought another 616 to my girlfriend’s syster (cheaper too)

    And your review has VERY useful! Now I’m searching for good earphones (just wrecked the stock ones, got stucked in my car’s door).

    Not many acessories by the way. Bought a skin case from I-nique (UK)…

    Good work!

  • Hello everybody, this december I bought a nwz-618f, I connect the usb plug to my PC, and appears “WALKMAN” in “MY COMPUTER”, I treat to drag-and-drop through mp3 files to “WALKMAN” and the system doesn´t let me do this accion, looks like it have some protection or I don´t know what, and inside of walkman file, doesn’t appear the different folders that Jeen explain.
    Can anybody help me.

  • Sorry, I have Windows XP

  • hi
    i was wondering about the charging screen, where it says “connecting USB (MTP) is the circle above supposed to be animated? moving? and how come it stays “connecting” instead of already connected

    thanks for the GREAT review

  • Avatar of danish

    Hey guys…i wna purchase this but other than the sonic stage is there any other difference between the A810 and S610 series i mean which is better…and wud any1 recommend a sony walkman fone instead of this since i already hav an N73 music edition but the music in it is CRAp!!
    therefore ipod nano 3rd gen…or s610 od a810??

    pls help any1!!!!! and is this louder than an ipod?

  • Avatar of barry

    could you please tell me if there is a clock radio that will handle the sony walkman, or docking station if that is what it is called

  • Is there a way to switch off the screen while the player is charging ? Mine stays on the whole time.

  • I bought this player (the 4GB S616F) two or three weeks ago. It is my first MP3 player and I’m really enjoying it. The sound is great (though the little earbuds don’t really compare to my Grado headphones attached to my home stereo system). I hooked it up to a high quality sound system tonight at work and it sounded fantastic. The FM tuner (a big selling point for me) works surprisingly well, capturing radio signals as well as my tabletop radios at home.

    Getting music into it is very easy in Windows Media Player. Finding and converting video is another matter, which I have yet to figure out how to do.

    I didn’t want to jump on the iPOD bandwagon because I think they have their shortcomings, and I’ve never been one to go along with the crowd. This is a solid and so far reliable little device which is much more pleasant to operate than that hypersensitive dial on the iPOD, and Windows Media Player isn’t asking me to install updates every couple of weeks like iTUNES does.

    So I call my Walkman my antiPOD. I think its a much better value than a comparable Nano.

  • Hi, I returned my Zen Plus after having it one day it hung up over 5 times, for the additional $25 I got the Sony and I love it.

    I have one question please, I don’t see any way to disconnect it when its attached to my computer, under safely remove hardware I don’t see any Sony Items, nothing to remove, as it is, I am just unplugging it when it is safe.

    Is this the right way?

  • Hi there,

    i have been working on this for 2 months. Please help.

    i have downloaded about 3 or 4 mp4 converters & still no luck. It is saying it is not supported.

    what the heck am i doing wrong.

    AND….where do you get the music video’s & movies to download onto the sony?

    i used mp3 rocket pro & i think it crashed my computer.

    i have used i music share, Freez, and a couple other one’s. Even Arc Soft.

    i am trying one more time before i hang it up. i worked 6 hours one day & now i am on hour 4 today.

    and i am VERY computer savvy. i just can’t get this one though. :(

    Thanks for ANY HELP AT ALL!!

    (i am desperate, it is for my child)

  • Hi, I used
    its the free one, 5th one down, when you use it make sure you put for for mobile phone MPEG 4 in the right corner, then choose the video and encode, simply drag and drop it into the Sony-video folder, works a charm.

    I use limewire, then search for music video’s.

  • Hey everyone…I have a problem with wmp 11.

    I bought the 2gb sony unit and loaded media player 11 from disk…the mp3 sync works great but now I can’t play and dvds,all I get is sound.I can see the titles in wmp but thats all.
    I did download a bunch of new codecs but nothing helped,weird thing is I uninstalled wmp to previous version and it still wouldnt play dvd’s form the cd-rom…..any ideas?

  • my computer does not recognize my player in explorer or my computer. I’ve tried everything, and I know the USB ports are ok because the player charges and other devices work properly. Anybody? :)

  • Is it 2.0, try using the back USB ports not the ones in front?

    I would also recommend going to Sony’s site
    and use the live chat feature, I did for my question (above, turns out you just disconnect it)
    they were very helpful plus it was on a Sunday, very quick only took about 2 minutes.

  • i need in-depth instuctions on how to put videos on this NWZ_S615F mp3 player.

  • Which operating system are you using and what kinds of video formats are you trying to transfer? If everything is compatible, all you have to do is drag-and-drop into the Video folder.

  • Avatar of Bubba Shaboo

    Hey Ahura, thanks for posting the answer to the query you posed to the Sony people – the answer was just what I needed to know.

  • I have the same problem as eric curtner, i cannot play mp4 videos in my player , only i get “Cannot play: file format is not supported” message. it doesnt work whit the media manager for walkman or windows media 11 either.
    jonas R

  • I purchased the NWZ-S616F (4GB) model for Xmas. I can rip and download songs from a CD with no problems. So far, I have not been able to get any Napster songs to play on the Sony MP3 unit. The songs load OK, but give a “file format not supported” error when I try to play them. I have called both Napster and Sony several times with no luck. Any help is appreciated……

  • is the player able to read .m4a files (is this AAC? is it the same as AAC-LC?)


  • The review looks greatand i am happy to have NWZ-S616F model with me. But i need someone to help sort my problem out. Whenever i try to copy files directly via windows explorer i get the following error. “Cannot Copy: The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected” I have this player for the past 1 month and i did not get this problem. This problem came suddenly from day before. Not sure why. I have all USB drivers updated in my Windows XP machine. I am able to copy music files via Windows Media Player. Only that i am not able to do it via windows explorer which i was able to do earlier. Please help!!

  • I’m triing to get a charger for the house I don’t need a charger for t he computer already have one


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