Gigabyte readies new M704 UMPC

Gigabyte_m704Six months ago, there was a rumor going around that Gigabyte would release a new UMPC within the same timeframe as its first-generation U60 (rebranded Tango Wings, Haier X6, and Medion).

Well, the speculation has just become fact with this weekend’s discovery of the Gigabyte M704. Pricing and availability haven’t been disclosed yet, but the full specs are already listed on the company’s website. In addition to a larger, redesigned 7-inch sliding display (1024 x 600), the 1.7-pound Vista Home Premium UMPC has a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M processor, 768MB of RAM, 40GB or 60GB hard drive, 1.3-megapixel camera, wi-fi (no Bluetooth?), and SD/MMC card slot.

[UMPCPortal forums via jkkmobile]
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5 thoughts on “Gigabyte readies new M704 UMPC

  • Avatar of Bruno

    768MB of RAM? Uff… I find Vista quite fine running on 1GB (though most people swear by 2GB or more), but 768MB is really pushing it!
    Why do the makers of UMPCs always find some way how to make a new UPMC a little worse at least in one aspect?

  • It doesn’t make sense to me either, Bruno. I’m also wondering whether 7 inches is too big for a slider. The keyboard layout (which I actually thought was redesigned at one point) looks to make thumb typing easier, but the device itself still seems too big for its form factor.

  • Avatar of Bruno

    Jenn, I didn’t even think about the keyboard – it looks that the space in the middle may make it easier to reach the keys by one’s thumbs. I would guess though that a device of this size would be too heavy for thumbtyping (Q1U uses thumbkeys as well, but they are positioned on the sides of the device towards the top, so the balance makes it easy to hold the device).

  • They’ve since rewritten the post and kept their original aving source credit. Oh well.


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