Palm OS virtual machine for Nokia Internet Tablets

By the end of the year, anyone with a Nokia 770, N800, or N810 Internet Tablet will be able to run more than 30,000 Garnet OS (Palm) applications on their devices thanks to the upcoming Garnet VM created by ACCESS.


The virtual machine is currently in beta and can be downloaded for free from the company’s website. Early users are encouraged to install their favorite Garnet apps on their Internet Tablets and fill out the compatibility survey to improve Garnet VM’s current 80% compatibility success rate. Programs that have already been confirmed to work include Google Maps, Snappermail, Bejeweled, Kinoma, and Sudoku.

When released, Garnet VM will be available free of charge.

Update 11.14.07: Running Garnet VM Beta on Nokia N800

[Press release via IntoMobile]
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4 thoughts on “Palm OS virtual machine for Nokia Internet Tablets

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    Well DAMN if that ain’ an ubelievably clever idea. Noone wants to move to this device ’cause all their palm apps will be useless (something that twinges me when I consider an iTouch-type device).

    Way to make force the Nokia into the discussion, people!

  • Avatar of turn_self_off

    hmm, first thing im thinking of is pim.

    people have been asking for basic pim, with sync, on the nokias for ages.

  • Avatar of Karel Jansens

    Why exactly is giving up three quarters of my N800’s screen so that I can run some obsolete and severely limited PDA software, a good deal?

    Heck, I can’t even use my N800’s handwriting recognition; this crapola uses Graffiti!

  • This is old-school graffiti, which is faster to type than any handwriting recognition. And I’m not sure what you mean by obsolete and limited – the Palm has everything you need, unless you need 3D graphics and talking paperclips.


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