Review: Treo 650 & 700 short antenna

If you’ve been looking with disdain at the long antenna on your Treo 650 or 700 smartphone since before Palm introduced the visibly antenna-less 680 last year, then you probably already know about the short antenna created by Tomer Litvin. In fact, you may even have one.


If you’re not familiar with the short antenna and/or you don’t have one of your own, read on for the full review and find out how to get one for free.


According to, Tomer created the first antenna for himself and eventually had them "manufactured in quantity" to share with the world through


Here’s what has to say about the short antenna:

Our antennas were developed and tested to give you the same quality of reception you are used to [having] with the original antenna in a smaller compact design that will not protrude in your pocket and will not break. At a fraction of the cost of replacing a broken antenna by Palm (estimated at close to $200) you will have a more stylish robust antenna without losing any of the features provided by the original antenna.


Removing a Treo 650 or 700’s original antenna and installing the short antenna literally takes about a minute.


All you need to swap out your antenna is a Torx #5 screwdriver and a sewing needle (and a Treo 650/700 and short antenna, of course).



Step 1. Use the sewing needle to remove the rubber plug and the red warranty sticker beneath it. Don’t damage the sticker (mine ended up in several pieces and is now in the trash) if you don’t want to void your warranty.



Step 2. Use the Torx #5 screwdriver to remove the screw beneath the sticker.


Step 3. Pull out the original antenna.


Step 4. Push in the short antenna.


Step 5. Screw the short antenna in place, replace the warranty sticker (if it’s still intact), and put the rubber plug back in.



Here’s the before and after:



(Imagine the short antenna in black and it looks better.)


The short antenna delivers on all of’s promises.


Installation is quick and easy, reception isn’t compromised at all (I made and received several calls with no sound quality issues), and the more compact form factor fits easily into pockets, small purses, and other bags. The short antenna comes in light gray, dark gray, or black and is available now for $30. The Torx #5 screwdriver needed for installation can be purchased with the antenna for $35.

If you’re interested in the light gray antenna shown here but don’t want to buy it for yourself, be the first to tell me in the comments section that you want it and I’ll send it to you for free (screwdriver and postage included).

Thanks to for supplying the antenna kit.

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