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13 thoughts on “10 pictures of the iriver Wing

  • Its doubtful that it will ever succeed with that completely flat keyboard.

  • Great pictures from ces. Looking forward to all of your great ces coverage. This site rocks!

  • Great photos.. flat keyboard can’t possibly be a good idea.. and I agree will kill it.

    I’d much rather have the Asus EeePC especially with more memory on-board. The Wing will probably be higher priced and WinCE is a no-go.

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    How large is it?

  • I assume that is still jacket size? I would like to see them and others build upon the Samsung sph p9200 trifold to enable a generous true touch type keyboard. I think 08′ is the year for me to upgrade as there seems to be many promising keyboard based jacket devices. I really want to see a true touch type not a thumb keyboard; something like a modern psion 5mx or HP jornada 720

  • Amen to that Alan!

    The Jornada 680/720 is just about the perfect form factor!

    Why can’t somebody create a vista/xp version instead of boxes like the flipstart?

  • Bad luck on the membrane keyboard. No one has ever been able to sell that – with good reason.

    You got it guys. There is the Psion mx5 and even the Teklogix Netbook for alternate designs. With integrated wireless and Tablet XP, any of those would do quite nicely. But what do users know, right?

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    its like typing on a table. Besides that, it has a nice look, seems somewhat “portable”. But a little chunky. I found this on a site for the Specs:

    Processor: P4
    Mother: (N/A)
    OS: XP, Vista
    Graphic Card: ATI 2100 or 3100 (?)

    thats all it had. Personally, it seems like a MP4 player with a table keyboard : I think the price range was about 1,300 to 2,000? a 3.5 out of 5.0

  • Hmm. Those specs are definitely not for the Wing, as it runs Windows CE and likely on an ARM processor. All known specs are listed here.

    The keyboard does look like an automatic deal killer, but I trust that iriver is smart and intuitive enough to make it usable. Given their experience in e-dictionaries that features standard-looking keyboards, I’m surprised that they didn’t use one of them on this.

    Either way, I still want one! :-)

  • This still got nothing on the iPod Touch…

  • LT,

    Your absolutely right it seems like none of the computer hardware companies have a clue as to what users want? To me I often think that it seems like some total geek that is not a person that has any social skills with normal people must be behind all of the thumb devices today? Any hardware companies out there reading this?, the mass market wants a touch type keyboard for mobile computers not thumb and not pen only; oh and we would like it to have the form factor of a Psion so we can carry it everywhere.

    I just want a modern Psion or Jornada that has the internal guts of a OQO or any of these other pocket size devices so that I can run desktop softwares with a handheld computer.

  • If it’s running WinCE,
    I’m wondering what web browser it is in the last two images. they look a lot like IE7.

  • That is just the same as the apple air notebook.
    I like the white color style.
    Pure color for pure goods.


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