Intel shows Toshiba, Clarion, Digifriends, Aigo, and USI MIDs at Digital Experience


That sneak peek I got of the Mobile Internet Device (MID) display this afternoon was definitely just a tiny taste of all the new Menlow-based MIDs that Intel will be serving up this week. At the Digital Experience media event tonight, the company showed off at least six engineering samples of new units that the spokesperson said would all be coming out this year.


I say "at least six" because there were times when some of the devices disappeared for a bit as anxious hands grabbed them from the table. The Lenovo unit, for example, vanished shortly after we got close enough to touch everything.

I didn’t get a chance to ask for full specs, but we did get some pictures. There really wasn’t enough time at the table to check the quality of the photos before moving on; I’ll try to get some better shots tomorrow, but here’s what we have so far.

Toshiba MID


Even though the Intel woman said this Toshiba device was coming out this year, I really hope she was misinformed. I wonder how well received keyboard-less MIDs will be. Update: More photos and product video demo now available.

Clarion MID


This is what was sitting beside the Lenovo unit at the Intel booth. It looks like it should have a keyboard, but it doesn’t. Or if it does, it’s poorly designed and impossible to slide out. No one corrected me as I tried to push the screen up, so I’m assuming it doesn’t do anything. Update: More details and photos now available.

Digifriends MID

I have no idea who Digifriends is, but their device and matching dock are pretty nice.




Update: More photos and full specs now available.

Aigo MID

Here’s the N810-looking Aigo MID from earlier today in white. Update: Gigabyte MID only looks like Aigo.




It’s my favorite so far.




Personally, I think this slider from USI is one of the uglier MIDs of the bunch.

Curiously, there’s still no sign of the BenQ device. Hmm. I’ll head over to Intel sometime tomorrow for more info and more pictures. Follow my CES 2008 coverage.

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9 thoughts on “Intel shows Toshiba, Clarion, Digifriends, Aigo, and USI MIDs at Digital Experience

  • Ah, thanks, James. Most of the units weren’t turned on when I was there. Intel sure is playing it loose with the “MID” term!

  • Avatar of turn_self_off

    hmm, i find it interesting that none of the designes have gone for a shift like tiltable keyboard.

  • Avatar of medici

    If the Aigo has the right specs to be a UMPC, (i.e. better performance then N810) it gets my vote and $$$

  • Those seem really big and ugly, Intel must not realize that MIDs are already here in the form of the N800/N810.

  • I hope that minimum one of these pretty devices are also available in Germany..

  • I think this year is quiet early for MID´s in germany but 2009 I heard about that Clarion will provide his device in whole Europe.

  • It will be interesting to see how many (if any) of these devices are even released this year. I was hoping that more well known companies would get in on the action, but it looks like they’re all sticking with full-fledged UMPCs.

  • Its nice to some new devices thanks to Intel’s new chips. To me the best of the bunch seems to be the Digifriends as it is small enough to fit in a coat pocket and it has the best keyboard that may enable touch type input?

    What I think is still missing is the realization that in addition to the problem of the all the previous UMPC’s being non portable to be jacket size; that mainstream users want a touch type keyboard. A thumb input is not what most people want. I would like to see some of the new devices based on the Intel chips be more like the clamshells of the past like the Psion 5mx or Jornada 720. Those provided a keyboard that you could touch type input and it was still jacket pocket size.


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