LG UMPC headed for Europe, Asia, and Canada


Yet another Menlow-based MID being called a UMPC by its maker is this currently unnamed slider by LG that Americans may never be able to buy. So says the product placard at the LG booth, anyway, which lists EU, Asia, and Canada as the regions where the device will eventually be available. Have a look at the photos we snapped from the Intel and LG booths . . . then console each other in the comments.


Here’s what we got to see at the Intel booth:



And what we actually got to touch at the LG booth:







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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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8 thoughts on “LG UMPC headed for Europe, Asia, and Canada

  • Jenn what’s your thoughts on this one?

    I find myself really warming up to the design, especially with the slider QWERTY keyboard.. hopefully battery life and processor power is more than adequate. Those two facts alone have kept me out of the market for these kind of devices ..and high price of course. ;)

    Is that a stylus in your hand? Looks like some kind of Monster Probe of alien design…

  • Meh, not that impressive as far as I can see. Looks like a chubby N810. And that stylus is gargantuan; probably doubles as a personal protection device in case of an emergency. Or perhaps a replacement gear shift if you happen to break yours off.

    I guess the touchpad is nice if it’s actually big enough to use.

  • Avatar of kobayash

    Does this support an external monitor?
    Does the keys don’t light up?

    The spec calls out 20mm thick. Without the battery.

  • I don’t really like this one very much. It’s much too rounded and puffy looking. The “Monster Probe” (Utew, you never fail to crack me up) needs it own silo in the device itself. Having it hanging there like a cell phone charm is weird.

    @ kobayash: If the keyboard is backlit, the setting was disabled at the booth. The only specs available are the ones (that are hard to make out) in the photo above. Most, if not all, UMPCs are able to connect to an external monitor, so I’m sure this one won’t be any different. There isn’t a VGA port on the unit itself, so perhaps an included accessory or optional dock will enable the functionality.

  • What OS was it running when you saw it?

  • Either Vista Home or Business. I forgot to check which one. :-(

  • Avatar of oliveira

    where can i buy that lg ?


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