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Review: Noreve Samsung P2 leather case


With the recent Bluewave firmware update adding increased Bluetooth functionality and seamless mobile phone integration to the Samsung P2 digital media player, most users are probably finding it more difficult to leave home without the touch-based device in their pockets. But with no carrying case or pouch included in the box, the P2 is in serious need of some protection.

There are several third-party optionsir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here currently available, but few can compare with the outstanding quality and exquisite craftsmanship of the tradition leather case by Noreve, makers of "advanced design cases for personal technologies." Read my full review below to see if it’s right for you.




The P2 case is double-packed in a nice gift-quality box wrapped inside a plastic blister pack that requires no special tool to open. The clamshell plastic is disposable, but since it doesn’t get mangled the way most blister packs do in the unboxing process, it can also be reused for regifting and other purposes.


Like most Noreve cases, this one comes with the company’s exclusive swiveling belt clip system.


This system includes a mini screwdriver, metal tab and screw, and plastic belt clip.




Installation is quick and easy, as is removal of the clip. One of the nice features about the system is that users (like me) who prefer to not use the belt clip can keep the screwhole covered with a decorative silver button engraved with the Noreve logo. A lot of companies equip their cases with removable belt clips, but not many give much thought to the unfinished look created by an exposed screwhole.



The Noreve Samsung P2 case is fashioned out of top-quality handcrafted leather and is about twice as thick as the player itself.


The leather is cushioned to protect the device from everyday wear-and-tear and accidental drops. That lovely "leather smell" paired with the painstaking attention to detail evident in the stitching and overall craftsmanship make the case yet another fine addition to Noreve’s already impressive line.



The case is held shut with a snap-button attached to a leather strap. When closed, the strap lays flat and is perfectly aligned with the decorative button. The strap and button being level lets the case lay flat when set on a table.

Most cases that feature back-closures wobble or lay lopsided when on a flat surface, so this is just another example of the thoughtful touches Noreve puts into its product design.




The case opens like a steno notebook to reveal logo-embossed leather lining and smooth cut-outs for access to most of the Samsung P2’s ports and buttons.



The tradition leather case fits the P2 like a second skin. All of the cut-outs are in perfect alignment and once inside, the player will not accidentally slip out (not even when held and shaken upside down).




Less effort is required to slide the player into than out of the case. Perhaps because it has been designed to enable in-case use, a bit of prying is needed to get the device out. The leather stretches a little over time, so removal gets easier once the P2 has been slid into and out of the case a few times.



The top flap can be kept out of the way by flipping it over and snapping the buttons together backwards. I sometimes use the "loop" created by doing this as a handle (of sorts) to slip my hand through when my fingers get tired of cradling the player.





As shown above, the cut-outs allows access to the hold switch and power/play button on the lef t, the connection port and headphone jack on the bottom, the volume buttons on the right, and the circular LED indicator on the front.

Manufactured long before the first Bluewave firmware update, which enables the P2 to be used to make and receive phone calls, the case does not have a cut-out for the player’s microphone (located beside the connection port on the bottom). Noreve’s oversight (and I do believe it was an oversight rather than a design decision) can be worked around by DIY-ers who feel comfortable with creating a mic hole, but I don’t like it when consumers need to fix companies’ mistakes, no matter how small.



The Noreve tradition leather case offers slim, stylish, and functional protection for the Samsung P2. Although it obstructs access to the player’s built-in microphone, limiting its use with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, it does feature dedicated cut-outs for all of its other ports and buttons. It is also beautifully designed and made of high-quality materials that are sure to impress even those who demand nothing but the best.

Available in a variety of colors, the Samsung P2 leather case starts at $40.

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9 thoughts on “Review: Noreve Samsung P2 leather case

  • Making me right jealous you are… ;)

    Too bad about the obscuring of the mic hole on such a nice case from Noreve. They should definitely do a redesign that solves this particular problem.

    Though a leather case of this quality is a beautiful thing.. and this one is a beauty, part of the P2’s attraction is it’s rather svelt form factor. Adding this much heft is almost a sin, but protection comes as a trade-off.

  • Dont you mind, that the overall dimensions are two times bigger than the Samsung alone?
    And is this player too easy to scratch?
    I just cant figure out, why do you need a case.
    Anyway, good review.

  • Hi Utew. It’s so nice to have you around again! There actually may be a redesigned case in the works because my Noreve contact just requested a photo of the P2’s mic hole location. The device they used to make the case didn’t have the mic! I sent him an image a few minutes ago. I don’t know if a new case will actually be made, but requesting the picture is promising.

    For a leather case, this one is quite slim. What kind of case/skin are you using? There doesn’t seem to be a BSE or IS for it.

    @ Spage: I don’t mind the added bulk at all. It feels more comfortable to me to hold something that’s got some meat on its bones. I also suffer from both OCD (obsessive case disorder) and AAD (accessory addiction disorder), so this just feeds into those nicely. You can see that most of my accessory reviews are case reviews. :-) I just adore cases.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that P2 is scratch-proof, but it’s pretty durable. A screen protector on the front (one is included with the player) is probably enough to shield it from minor surface scratches. The back seems to hold up well without any protection, but I remember reading somewhere that the paint could show signs of wear over time.

    My players need protection because I keep them in a drawer most of the time. I’m more of a collector than a long-time user, so I change devices every few months. Caseless ones are kept loose in small zippered pouches (makeup bags, coin purses, etc.), so anything that lessens their gentle “clacking” against each other helps.

  • Ahhh.. the future of Jenn’s Drawer of mp3 goodies… I wonder…….

    Coming Soon to the Big Island of Hawaii!

    The Lee Digital Media Player Museum and Observatory.

    Years in the planning, this unique structure houses one of the greatest collections of early 21st Century portable digital media devices. Collected by Heiress Jenn K. Lee (deceased 2075 AD) and willed to the City of Hilo, by Mrs. Lee.. there are over 7000 portable devices and a vast armada of pink colored animal hide protective cases for viewing.

    Quaint by todays standards, these devices were once the obsession of many collectors of that Era. Since the annexation of the United States of America by the Federation of Mexican Republics, no large collection has seen a permanent home for public display in the Western Hemisphere. The Republic of Hawaii is proud to be home to a World Class Collection of this magnitude, second only to that of the Asian Hegemony’s capital Ciy of Seoul.

    Opening July 2nd, 2169 AD. Doors open at 10:00 AM HRT (Hawaii Republic Time)

  • :-D

    What about admission? My estate has to compete with that darn Asian Hegemony and 7K+ devices don’t dress themselves in cases appropriate to the current season. It’ll also take some serious cash to move the observatory to Honolulu.

    Oh, and what happened to all my other players? Was I buried with them? Hmm. The Hall of Exhumed DAPS. The museum will make a killing with that one!

  • Hiya,
    I think this case is great. I love my p2 but im extremely dissapointed with the damage to the paint on the back.
    It’s a great player and great to look at but the damage on the back makes it look cheap.
    Ive only dropped it the once which caused minimal damage and i keep it in my pocket while walking and while at school so i dont see how it can get so much damage to it.

  • Seems to be a completely mistake to hide the microphone of this device. I use it always to use with Bluetooth Nokia phone calls.
    Would be nice to have also some metal skins to this device. That’s metters and that seems important to replace sometimes.

  • i found that the paint on the back scratched easy so i took some 1200 grit sand paper and laquer thinner to the back and i used masking tape to tape off the screen n the edge of the player n then made 2 little flaps to go over the buttons n then i took a flat precision screw driver n carefully used it to scrape the paint away from around the buttons n the edge of the metal n then i took 1500 grit sand paper and 2000 to smooth out the marks from the 1200 n then a dremel tool n half inch buffering wheel with high gloss compound to remove ne other scratches n to polish it to a mirror quality finish it takes time about 3 or 4 hours but if u do a good job the end result is it looks amazing compare to wut it did b4 n kinda looks like an ipod touch but its alot sweeter neways n then with the updates that i just did its pretty sick

  • Avatar of karol


    Wowowow… cool. would you happen to have a pic of this ‘iP2’? =P


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