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Samsung P2 gets second Bluewave update (3.07)

Samsung_p2_bluewave2Samsung rolled out the second Bluewave firmware update (version 3.07) for its flagship digital media player, the P2, this week. And just as the first update did several weeks ago, Bluewave 2 proves that firmware needn’t be reserved for bug fixes and minor upgrades; it can sometimes be so substantial and packed with features that it can take an already solid player to new heights. Much as the first wave expanded the P2’s Bluetooth capabilities, this MTP-based update improves/builds on most of the player’s other features and makes better use of that generous 3-inch touchscreen.


New features and other enhancements include:

  • Three touch games (Bubble Smile, PowWow, and World Car Puzzle)
  • FM radio recording in MP3 format
  • File deletion directly from the player (no PC needed)
  • Repeat A-B function (set "bookmarks" within a track and play the selection repeatedly), audio playback speed control, enhanced EQ control
  • Double-tap to increase font size, zoom into video, enlarge photos
  • New album art viewer
  • Gesture-based rotation to change photo and text orientation
  • Improved touch sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Subway maps (Korean firmware only)

If you’re the visual type, have a look below to see some of what’s listed above in pictures.






And if you’re the moving visual type, check out the walk-through videos on YouTube.

The Bluewave 2 update (U.S. version) has been intermittently available at the Samsung Download Center over the past few days, so it may or may not be there when you head over to grab it for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung P2 gets second Bluewave update (3.07)

  • Hey Jenn,

    I keep expecting a Pink Case Review for the P2 any day now. ;)

    As you mentioned the 3.07 US MTP (and all other MTP versions) have been taken down from the Support site, temporarily.. though the Korean (KR) UMS firmware is still available at A few bugs being noticed in the MTP versions most likely caused removal until a debugged version can be released. But the KR UMS firmware version is smooth sailing and shows all the EmoTure 1.5 improvements and feature additions.

    Though this may not be a *Glamorous* update, it does add much of the needed flexibility in control, that was missing from the device previously in several areas.

    Being the 2nd of 3 promised firmware improvements, this signals to me, that Samsung is serious about on-device software development and shows a willingness to stand behind their portable media products. Samsung is a mega-global force in electronics.. but it seems to be acting like a much smaller, customer friendly firm… at least in the case of the P2.

    Thanks for the nice write-up on the firmware enhancements and Thanks also for the YJzone.NET mention. =)

    Now where’s that new case review? ;)

  • I’m still waiting for the pink K5 that should’ve been out a year ago! I’m so annoyed that it wasn’t released that I almost didn’t buy the S5 (should be here tomorrow)! ;-)

    Aw, I’m happy to mention YJzone. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly there – reminds me of the early epiZENter days.

    Hmm. The only bug I’ve encountered with the new P2 update so far is that the gesture to rotate photo/text orientation doesn’t work. Other than that, I’m pretty pleased. I hope other companies follow Samsung’s lead and make new firmware that users can’t wait to install. I have no idea how far behind I am in firmware versions for my other players; some are still running on whatever it left the factory with!

    What kind of case are you using right now? I’ve been thinking about the crystal one lately. I’m also waiting to see whether that wi-fi cradle will ever see the light of day.

  • I’ve got a crystal case on my P2 right now, Jenn.. I’d love to see Vaja create a case and I’ve sent them an e.mail inquiring as to their plans.. no response yet.

    Yeah, the gesture response is better now, but could be improved a tad more. At this point Apple rules the roost in that department. Samsung (and others) will need to consult a higher-level brain-trust to compete on that front.

    I wanted an S5 and I’ll be curious as to your opinions/review of it, but it doesn’t seem to be advanced enough over the K5 to tempt me, even with it’s BT function and video.. but I could change my mind at whim. ;)

    The Sammy BS300 and BS900 BT speakers have me curious and might be the option I decide on…

    As to that Wi-fi cradle video, I think that is someone’s vivid imagination, though there are pictures of a docking cradle from CES, that has never been accompanied by any explanation from Samsung. Know anyone that could tell us more?


  • I agree that the wi-fi cradle looks suspect, but I think the first place I saw it was on ABi. Grahm doesn’t buy into rumors too easily and is careful about what he posts, so it’s hard for me to believe that it’s not real.

    As for the dock spotted at CES, let me check through my old pics to see if I can find something. I don’t remember seeing anything, but I didn’t look too carefully at anything that wasn’t a MID/UMPC. I did take a picture of the speakers, though, so maybe I have one of the dock.

    I don’t think I would’ve bought the S5 if I had the K5 either. Then again, it probably wouldn’t have taken long for the color screen and slimmer design to change my mind. Do you still use your K5? Are your Creative days over?

  • The latest version of the Bluewave updates is 3.15 which was created to fix the bugs in version 3.07. If this happens to the 3rd Bluewave update, im going to assume that the 3rd wave is going to be delayed to April =[

  • i get a text but when i try to forward my forward is not lit to press so I can not forward messages to friends help [email protected]


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