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Unboxing the Samsung S5 (YP-S5)


The Samsung S5 was part of a trio of new flash-based digital media players the company announced last summer at IFA 2007. Although slimmer and more fully featured than the K5, its predecessor, the S5 was overshadowed by the arresting design, large touchscreen, and exciting Bluetooth functionality of the Samsung P2. As a result, when the S5 began shipping in the U.S. in November, few noticed.

What a shame! Because not only does the player have that integrated 1.5W slide-out speaker most liked on the K5, it also has much of the same functionality the P2 only got after two Bluewave firmware updates (e.g., extensive Bluetooth support, flash games). It even has an audio-in jack so that other DAPs can make use of its speakers. See what else the S5 is about as I unbox it below and come back later for my full review.

I’ll have a lot to say in my review, so I’ll keep quiet for this.
Update 2.17.08: Samsung S5 review now available.









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8 thoughts on “Unboxing the Samsung S5 (YP-S5)

  • that looks really sweet, jenn. the screen looks too small to watch vids on it but those speakers are sick. if sammy made it silver and threw in 32 gigs to keep up with the rest i’d buy it yesterday.

    how does the speaker sound compare to the iphone speaker? i like how you can hook up other daps.

    thanx for all the pictures even though it makes me want to buy one when I can’t afford it and don’t even want it. lol.

  • Jenn,
    I didn’t realize that you could input a signal from another source, for playback on the S5’s speakers.. nice.

    Still using my K5 regularly and if the S5’s speakers are as good or better, then you should be pleased… minus any bass response obviously, due to the small drivers.

    Nice pics, looking forward to your opinions.

    @kyle…16 or 32 GB would make this a pretty compelling portable music machine. =)


  • The speaker output has completely exceeded my expectations. I was bracing myself for something similar to the horrid iriver clix 2 cradle, even though that one is only a 1W mono speaker, so I’m really happy with the way it sounds. I’ve been using it all day long.

    The iPhone speaker is mono as well, so it can’t really compete with the S5’s stereo speakers (I think they’re identical to the K5’s). I don’t know what the output of the iPhone speaker is, but it’s actually not too bad for what it is. Given that it’s meant as a speakerphone for phone calls, it’s okay for listening to music.

    Maybe it’s just my ears, but I think the iPhone’s speaker gets louder than the S5. It kind of distorts, though, so its higher volume levels negate themselves. The S5’s speaker is clear at max volume (I max mine out and keep the player about 3 feet away from me) and the sound is relatively balanced and not as tinny/hollow as I expected. I’ve been listening with no EQ or sound enhancements, so I suppose the speakers could perform better or worse if they were enabled.

  • I find on the K5, that Bass Boost helps incrementally…

    Yep, I think the same thing as to overall balance of sound.. not to bad for such a small set of speakers.. and relatively distortion free. As a personal mini-boombox… it really is a nice design. I still scratch my head as to why the K5 didn’t catch on with more people.

    I suspect the S5 will suffer a similar fate. Perhaps the over-whelming mass of marketing for the iPod is just so much of a force at this point, that it’s un-beatable. Perhaps the speaker feature just isn’t what people want. Kudos to Samsung though, for not letting this format die a quick death. ;)

  • Avatar of philz

    …looks nice!
    I’m looking forward to your full review, Jenn!

  • I can’t believe that this went unnoticed.. everyone at my school is getting iPod touches. I can’t wait until my S5 comes in and dazzle everyone.. I would get an iPod touch instead and conform, but the speakes.. they just tempt me way too much.

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