Sony Fresh Start back to being just for Vaio TZ


What do you make of this?

Yesterday, I sent an email to Sony’s Media Relations Specialist asking whether the newly announced Fresh Start option would ever become available to the UX series of Micro PCs. That same afternoon, the company’s Senior Public Relations Strategist (Jon Piazza) responded to my message with what I thought was a pretty cut-and-dry answer: "Fresh Start will be rolled out to the entire product line by the end of this summer."

Considering the information to be worth sharing (it’s good news, right?), I put out yesterday’s "Sony giving Fresh Start to Vaio UX Micro PC" post. Today it got picked up by the likes of Gizmodo, CrunchGear, and Engadget (who has since pulled the story) . . . and then I got a message from Mr. Piazza.

It said:

Just to clarify– while we might consider Fresh Start for other platforms we currently do not have any plans to expand this offering beyond our TZ units.

The fact that Engadget pulled the story completely, rather than write another one with the new information (as they did when the $50 fee was first associated with Fresh Start and then was later dropped), and Gizmodo has since amended their post are obvious signs that Sony contacted them too.

So, at the moment (and on the record), Fresh Start is sticking with the TZ series for the foreseeable future. It seems like backpedaling to me, as "we currently do not have any plans to expand this offering beyond our TZ units" and "Fresh Start will be rolled out to the entire product line" are two very different answers to my original UX-centered question.

What do you think? Did I grossly misunderstand the original response to my question about the UX or will we still see Fresh Start as an option for the complete Vaio line by summer’s end?

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