How to hard reset HTC Shift SnapVUE

Reset_snapvueAfter I reset my HTC Shift X9500 to its factory state while troubleshooting an audio issue that ended up resolving itself, I temporarily lost functionality of SnapVUE, the Windows Mobile component that provides quick access to email, contacts, and other information.

Pressing the dedicated SnapVUE button on the left of the display just brought up a blank screen. A reinstall option doesn’t exist on the Vista side of things and the reset button in the Communications Manager is only useful when SnapVUE is working (and even then, I think it just performs a soft reset), so I did some googling and eventually found a solution created by xda-developers forum member cmonex.

The instructions were a bit over my head, as I’d never used a command prompt or needed access to a bootloader before, so I thought it might be useful to rewrite and "layman-ize" them for other Shift owners who find themselves looking for a hard reset button that isn’t there.

But first . . .


Before performing a hard reset, which will erase all of your data and reset SnapVUE to its factory state, check to see if a soft reset (comparable to, say, rebooting Windows) will resolve your issue first. If pressing the SnapVUE button launches SnapVUE and you can still run applications and access information, a soft reset may be all you need.


If you’ve liberated SnapVUE, just tap the Soft Reset icon found in Settings.



If you haven’t liberated SnapVUE, simply go into the Communication Manager in Vista (launched using the top hardware button on the right of the display and referred to by HTC as either the Control Center or Shag Control) and tap the "Reset SnapVUE" button. Note: I’ve read conflicting information on whether this soft or hard resets SnapVUE. It didn’t fix my problem so I’m assuming it’s just a soft reset, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?

If a soft reset doesn’t work, then you’ll need to perform a hard reset.


Provided that you can access SnapVUE, just go into Settings and click the Clear Storage icon.

But what happens if you can’t access SnapVUE (i.e., a blank screen appears when SnapVUE button is pressed)?

Well, that’s when you need cmonex’s solution (it took me a long time to get here, I know).

1. Go to the xda-developers forum and download the ECShift.exe (post #16) and mtty_0513_test.exe (post #1) files.


2. If you’ve used the Windows command prompt before, save the files wherever you want. Otherwise, it’s easier to save them to C:Users[Your user name].


3. Then click the Start button in Vista and type "cmd" (without quotes) in the search box.


4. Hit the enter key and wait for the command prompt window to appear.


5. Type "ecshift.exe -bl" (without quotes), press the enter key, and wait until "successfully entered bootloader!" appears.


6. Now open Windows Mobile Device Center (Start -> All Programs). Click on Mobile Device Settings -> Connection Settings and clear the "Allow USB connections" check box.

7. Leave WMDC running and return to the command prompt window. Type "mtty_0513_test.exe" (without quotes) and press the enter key.


8. Select USB from the drop-down Port menu in the "Open port setting" that automatically appears. Click the OK button.




9. Type "task 28" (without quotes) and press the enter key to perform a hard reset.

10. Close the window, click No when asked to save the USB connection setting, and type "ecshift.exe -mode0" (without quotes) in the command prompt window.

11. Press the enter key, type "ecshift.exe -reset" (without quotes), and press enter again.


And you’re done! SnapVUE should now be back to its original factory settings.

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