Poll: Which mini notebook do you like best?

Update 6.6.08: The poll is now closed. Click here to view the results.

While Dell and Acer both enjoy the spotlight shining down upon the unofficially named Mini Inspiron and Aspire One mini notebooks, I quietly contemplate scratching my eyes out to save them from shedding tears of boredom and witnessing another bout of the UMPC blues. Since I understand that not everyone feels as I do about the new crop of 8.9- to 10-inch laptops, however, I thought it might be interesting to put out my feelers and find out which one has you most intrigued. Suppose cost (and resell value) wasn’t an issue and someone laid them all out and told you to pick one.

Photos and relevant links of the devices in question below.

Acer Aspire One [UMPCPortal]


Asus Eee PC 900 [Asus]


Dell Mini Inspiron [Gizmodo]


Everex Cloudbook Max [Cloudbook UMPC]


HP 2133 Mini-Note [HP]




If my eyes weren’t at stake, I’d probably go for the HP 2133.

By the way, are the days of 7-inch mini notebooks officially over?

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20 thoughts on “Poll: Which mini notebook do you like best?

  • Put an Intel CPU and GPU into the 2133, and I’ll be first in line.

  • Considering I have the Mini-Note, and I’ve been down the Eee Pc road, I’d want to try something different. So I’d probably go for the Dell, followed closely by the Wind.

    That being said, I love my Mini-Note, and won’t be replacing it anytime soon. From what I’ve seen, none of these will come even close to matching the HP’s keyboard.

  • I bought my daughter one and she loves it. She’s taking it to South America as an exchange student. I only wish we had a better video card for Skype (based on opinions from jkontheRun and other Blog sites).

  • I forgot to mention my daughter has an HP Mini-Note.

  • Fujitsu has years and years of experience making mini notebooks, so I’d rather go with a company that isn’t just getting into the business.

    The P1620 has an 8.9″ screen, and is very small and light. Better still, it has a swivel screen that converts to a tablet, a great keyboard, and a real hard drive and processor that can do real work.

  • It also costs a fortune. You could buy three mid range Mini-Notes for the price of the cheapest P1620, and still have some cash left over.

    That computer’s in a different class.

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    Voted OTHER: eee 700.. ’cause I got one. Otherwise, I’d go with the 900. Dell build quality frightens me.

  • I would spend a little extra and get a Fujitsu U810. If I’m getting something that small I want it to be a convertible.

  • Me, I’m waiting to see if Apple is going to release a mini-tablet/ large itouch… I’ll find out next week, and if such a beast dose not rear it’s head, i’ll be getting a Samsung q1…

    I know, neither are a mini-note, but I’m looking at reading e-books and other pdf documents I have. And since none of the E-Ink readers out there are in the price range I want, I might as well get something with options, eh??

  • Oh, sorry… for me it would a toss up between the eee pc 700 or the Dell.. the red is SEXY!!!!

  • My favorite is also the 2133, but if only it used Intel processors and chipsets. I’m leery of Intel Atom, I’d be perfectly happy if it used Intel Core Solo or Core 2 Solo ULV processors.

    I like that its the only one with an Expresscard slot for much expandability and has the highest resolution screen at 1280×800.

  • Avatar of mostlyharmless22

    I voted for the Dell even without knowing what the specs were. The red IS sexy and strange as the keyboard may seem to some, to a touch typist like me it seems like it may have fixed a few of the problems with the other keyboards. I also know that Dell is currently using SSD and Ubuntu in some laptops which means it’s fairly likely that this one will have those options as well as most of the other options I am interested including bluetooth and Dell’s customer service and warranty. It’s a beauty!

  • I have an EEE 701 4g black. xubuntu, but right now i’m having wifi networking issues w/ my home router. I wish I was a full time linux user (that understands linux in depth). If i had to spend the same 430 dollars elsewhere I would probably put it towards either a used ibook/powerbook, an old lifebook, or possibly a mini note.

    Its upsetting when you realize how much you rather have a clamshell iBook g3 more than the EEE pc since its more well done.

  • Dude, I’m getting a Dell!

    Although very little is know about it yet, we all expect the specs to be terrific, however, price is another question. I guess, since I already own a Mini Note it would be nice to have another machine, and, I’ve got to tell you the only two that I don’t own that are very intriguing are Dell and Eee 900.

    – UMB

  • What, no Shift, Jenn???


  • @ ArchiMark: :-D

    If only the cost of a single Shift wasn’t equivalent to several of the mini notebooks combined!

  • If I need power, the new 900 ain’t going to do it. I like the 701 eee PC for what it is. When I need power even the bigdawg laptops struggle to do the job.

  • Avatar of anonymous

    Another vote for the Dell. I think it looks fantastic and is likely to ahve a ubuntu option!

  • I have the asus 9″. it’s only good for surfing. typing is impossible with the keyborad. the size is ok, but you have to punch teh keys very hard. i’m selling it .now i want another mini notebook. but i’m afraid to choose.

  • Gigabyte M912 rules… the only one with swivel display and touch screen !!!


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