Vista SP1 for HTC Shift arrives via Automatic Updates


The Windows Vista Team Blog announced two weeks ago that Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), which became available as a standalone package in mid-March, would be rolled out slowly to users who have "automatic updates" turned on and whose machines don’t contain any problematic drivers. Today, those two conditions were met by me and my HTC Shift X9500.

The Shift’s 800MHz A110 processor isn’t well suited for multitasking, so unlike on my Vaio TZ (which, incidentally, still hasn’t gotten SP1), whenever there are updates available, I wait until I’m done with whatever I’m doing before letting Windows do its thing. I generally install anything marked "important" and "recommended" that Windows Update offers me (I use the "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" setting), so when SP1 appeared without fanfare, I almost missed it and continued checking my RSS feeds.


I had an about 90 minutes to spare before I needed to leave the house, so I figured the 66.9MB update, whose long list of improvements can be found at the Windows Vista TechCenter, would have more than enough time to download and install.

It didn’t.


The download itself took nearly half an hour. After that, Windows let me know that it could take another hour or more for the installation to be complete and that I wouldn’t be able to use the Shift until everything was complete. Even though I prepared not to use it, it was still a little jarring to see that what has always been my choice was now a requirement.



By the time I needed to get out of the house, SP1 had only gotten through 12% of the first of three stages in its installation.


I don’t know how much longer it took to complete, but when I got home two hours later, it had installed successfully and without issue. I haven’t noticed any difference in performance since then, but my Windows Experience Index base score, which was 2.0 when I first set up the Shift, is now 2.1. It’s an insignificant upgrade, sure, but it’s an upgrade nonetheless.


The service pack through Automatic Updates hasn’t caused any trouble for me so far, but the same can’t be said for those who installed the standalone package. While several users at the xda-developers forum are experiencing issues with 3G connectivity using the balanced power plan, Pocketables reader Ian left the following comment on my Shift unboxing post:

HTC do need to sort out the Vista driver issues. The display driver gets headaches after the sp1 installation, the SD card pops in and out of existence, while the NDIS driver for the HSDPA gets lost on the Vista side. The display driver in particular can lead to blue screens.

The fact that SP1 was automatically distributed to my Shift leads me to assume that the driver issues have indeed been sorted out, but I’ll keep you posted if something happens to make me think otherwise.

If you’ve got an HTC Shift that "qualifies" for Vista Service Pack 1, be on the lookout for the update soon.

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13 thoughts on “Vista SP1 for HTC Shift arrives via Automatic Updates

  • Hi Jenn,

    I also installed SP1 via “automatic updates” (I’m using the same setting as you – mainly because I want to make sure that downloading updates happens when I’m on WiFi, not using my limited volume mobile (UMTS) data plan).
    If I remember correctly, I had to reinstall the HTC Control Center application.
    Other than that, I have not yet had any issues.

  • I heard about the Control Center having issues after the update but haven’t experienced any with mine.

    Are you noticing any performance improvements?

  • Hi,
    I’m too having 3G connectivity problems in Vista, after using the stand alone SP1 update.

    SnapVUE shows that the device is connected to my T-Mobile 3G network, but Vista has intermittent (mainly disconnected) connection to the Internet.

    I’m just in the throws of removing SP1 and seeing if that resolves the issue.

    I will then try the automatic update for SP1…. fingers crossed…

  • Frankly, I haven’t used the Vista side of the Shift enough before getting SP1, so I can’t tell the difference – neither regarding performance nor anything else

  • Rats. I think SP1 might’ve killed my speakers. The drivers are still intact and supposedly up-to-date and functioning properly, but there is absolutely no sound coming out of the speakers flanking the Shift’s screen.

    I don’t use the speakers much so I didn’t realize until just now that they were dead. I’m still not sure exactly when they stopped working, so I won’t point the finger at SP1 just yet.

  • I reinstalled my Shift, because it was no more possible to remove SP1, since I run Windows Vista again without SP1 all 3G connection problems disapeared!!

  • I also renstalled the Shift using the ‘Hard Disk Recovery’ option (f3 at startup). At first I thought that had fixed the 3G issue, but it has since returned…

    I have tried using the ‘Clear SnapVUE Utility’, from HTC. This sometimes brings back the connection, after reconfiguring the 3G network settings in SnapVUE, but I haven’t have a sustained period of internet connectivity for more than about 10 minutes, before Vista loses the connection…

    This device looks great and has a good range of features, I just don’t think Vista is a stable OS.

  • Heys,
    I just installed SP1 too and yes, the speakers died on me too!May I know for those who tackled this issue,how did you go about solving the problem? Thanks. I am on a SONY VAIO.

  • no 3G on the vista side. I’ve done everything that is suggested in the forums. Deinstall, install, switch on/of etc. No result. Now I have found a simple trick to get full uninterupted 3G connectivity. How? I start my Shift normally (Vista). When fully started, I go to start en put my Shift to SLEEP! When it is deactivated, start my shift up from its sleepingmode. When fully active again, I wait a minute and the connection start without a problem.

    I know it should function with putting it to sleep. Maybe we will get a update/fix for this problem from Vista… People can dream, can’t they?.. But this sleeping-methode I an easy way to get Vista to recognize and work with the 3G modem. Hopefully it will also work for some of you out there until Vista does what it should..

  • I am having the same porblem after SP1 install. There are problems with SP1 and Realtek audio drivers, as I have just gone through the whole problem on my desktop,…its crazy. I have also lost the use of the Shift Control centre!. I am going to unistall SP1 see if that helps.

  • Avatar of

    I have just updated by system with Windows udate SP1, and my Shift Control centre doesn’t work! The only way to remedy this is to revert back to the previous system restore point.

    Unless anyone knows what else to do to keep SP1 on, but be able to access the shift control centre too.

  • heyz everyone
    I’ve experienced different problems with the SHIFT.
    Problems started when I updated to vista service pack 1. Snapview disabled, my speakers are gone and resolution button didnt work.

    PLUS the startup process became slower.
    anyway, I fixed the speaker problem by downloading the setup again from HTC official website, they provide you with all main utilities needed for the SHIFT.
    so problem fixed and somehow i downloaded the rest of the setups too and the bottun problem was fixed.

    anyway, two weeks later i had a notification that says there r some new updates and ofcourse I trust notifications from big official company, why would they harm us lol…so I downloaded them and the same problem again, just only this time i was upset so I decided to fix it the next day.
    when I started up the SHIFT the day after, it WOULDNT start. ive tried so many solutions but i couldnt, and ive tried to recover but just the DOS didn’t even start. this is the 1st in mankind, i dont know how.
    so I decided to send it to some company to fix it…as I knew they fix all kinds of HTC. until now a week and I havent received a call from them.

    just thought i want to share these information with you guys.
    and thx

  • hi all
    vista sp1 in my shift is the big trouble, so don’t use automatic update in ur shift because is verry danger…this problems not solution from HTC…why


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