HTC Advantage X7510 coming in late June for $1299


Since Qualcomm’s legal issues are still preventing the HTC Advantage X7510 from being sold in the US, the only way to get your hands on the 16GB Windows Mobile 6.1 device will be to pay through the nose for it. Dynamism, for example, is expecting their first shipment of the X7510 in late June and will send you one in exchange for $1299. Same goes for On The Go Solutions, whose stock is supposedly due to arrive tomorrow.

Although preorders were already priced at $1300 back in March, it’s pretty uncommon for such prices (which are often inflated to take advantage of anxious customers who can’t wait for official pricing to be announced) to actually stick. I thought paying $850 for my X7501 was outrageous, so I’m going to have to pass on its successor. What about you?

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Jenn K. Lee

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10 thoughts on “HTC Advantage X7510 coming in late June for $1299

  • I would certainly pass on this. It offers no real advantages over the X7500 or X7501 apart from more memory. The processor and screen are the same.

    The keyboard is a questionable improvement, but the removal of the buttons on the tablet part is a huge loss if you use it in tablet mode.

    They have updated the OS, but If you flash the custom ROM from XDA Developers on the older models. You’ll have all the 7510 advantages and more.

  • I am still trying to come up with the money for the X7501 which I like more then the X7510 anyways.

  • Has HTC addressed the graphics performance issues? Last I heard the Imageon chip on this device was utterly unused, and hence video playback was inferior to what we could get with an Axim 51 in 2005.

    For me, that’s a deal killer. The main reason to get this insanely overpriced device rather than to its smaller and less expensive but comparable competitors is the video playback on a 5″ screen. If that sucks, why try to jam this into your pocket?

  • I have overpaid for just about every “early adoption” gadget I’ve owned (I think I paid close to $800 for an unlocked Motorola RAZR about 6 months before they started to become mainstream – Overseas Electronics in Chicago was the beneficiary of that overpayment!). Someday, when I don’t have enough money to retire, I may wish I had held-out for an $899 price on the HTC X7510 (but I think my first regret will be that $800 RAZR!). However, given the amount of money I’ve spent the past 10 years or so on gadgets, the incremental $400 on the HTC Advantage isn’t going to kill me. I pre-ordered an HTC X7510 from On the Go Solutions a month ago, when their website indicated they were going have product on June 6th. Then the website indicated product delayed until June 28th (which I thought was weird, since June 28th is a Saturday). I was excited two weeks ago when they updated the ETA to June 19th. HOWEVER, today their site says “Stock expected June 20th.” Dynamism’s site has been consistent in stating “First shipment expected late June.” By the way, Dynamism’s pre-order price was originally $1,349, but they lowered it to $1,299 about a month ago…

  • Too small to be productive. Too large to be pocketable. And too expensive! Advantage is a device that was ill-conceived right from the beginning imho.

  • HTC has over-priced this device. It is just $200 less than the Shift. Why would anyone buy this? :

    The price should have been no more than $700-750 IMHO

    @Jenn: u received any mail from me?

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    So what’s new with respect to the X7500? Again the same thing with the same very old drawback… A un-affordable price!!
    Really sad HTC does not think ee :-)

  • I think that price is a bit high. You could get a basic OQO 02 for about the same price.

  • @ Alan: Maybe if I didn’t have my eye on the Willcom D4, which may be available for as “little” as $1300, the X7510 would be something to drool over. I do love my X7501, but there just aren’t enough upgrades to make me consider it seriously.

    I hope you’ll let us know in the new forums when your X7510 arrives and how the two you get along. :-)

    @ Kamal: Yes, congrats on the relaunch! I don’t cover other sites’ redesigns/relaunches here, but you’re more than welcome to post in the forums.

  • I’m considering this one, as an upgrade from my venerable Tungsten T3, which is getting a little long in the tooth, and obviously has it’s limitations in terms of connectability and battery life. I also noticed the very small differential between the prices for the 7510 and the Shift, and wondered about it, but my needs are different from most of you: I’m a farmer, and need something pocketable (my work pants have pretty big pockets…) which I don’t need to put down somewhere EVERY time I need something from it, or to record something in it. My eyes aren’t getting any younger, so the larger screen than available on most PDA/smartphones is very attractive. A umpc running a full OS isn’t an option, because I need instant-on and pocket size. So I am well within the profile of the user this thing is aimed at.

    I’m still a graffiti addict, too, but the keyboard on the 7510 appears to be much more impervious to dust and dirt than that of the 7500/7501, which is an issue for me. I’d imagine the SSD probably has more survive-ability than the micro drive in the older model, too.

    Now that we are about a year down the road from the release of the 7501, and a few months since the release of the 7510, I’m interested in comments about useability and/or limitations from those who already have them. This is not a trivial investment, so I want to see what y’all have to say.


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