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Based on last week’s mini notebook poll and all the news that came out of Computex, it seems that there is no clear-cut winner in the netbook race. The Dell Mini Inspiron and HP 2133 Mini-Note were the clear favorites of most poll participants through the weekend, but when the Atom-based MSI Wind was officially launched on Tuesday, the $399/$499 10-inch mini notebook gained just enough votes to push it to the top.


As you can see from the breakdown, the difference between the top three netbooks is negligible. Only four votes separate the Wind from the Dell (how it got so many votes when next to nothing is known about it really demonstrates the importance of branding), and a single click is the reason for HP’s third-place ranking.

Participants who voted for "Other" either didn’t specify which device they preferred or didn’t realize that the poll was about 8.9- to 10-inch netbooks. The Fujitsu P1620 and U810, HTC Shift, Kohjinsha SH8, and OLPC were the most common answers given by the latter group, with some folks even voting for the Nokia Internet Tablets and Vaio TZ. The other 3% expressed an interest in the unofficial Sony OpenBook.

Though it isn’t clear which netbook would cross the finish line first, it’s pretty obvious which ones you think would come in last.

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2 thoughts on “Mini notebook poll results

  • I own the Mini-Note, which I’m very happy with, but I voted for the Wind.

    I tend to have a “grass is always greener” attitude when it comes to these things, though.

  • i love my TZ very much.. but i am planning to buy a umpc for my sister who is in college.. what do you recommend jenn? is the msi wind better than the hp mini? dell mini seems nice too.. but dell brand is not so popular here in kuwait..


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