So . . . when's the WiMAX iPhone coming out?


Now that nearly a year’s worth of 3G iPhone rumors have been put to rest by the official unveiling of the iPhone 3G (8GB: $199, 16GB: $299; available July 11) at WWDC today, we’re already overdue to begin speculating about its successor.

The WiPhone or iPhoMAX, as it’s known to "sources close to Apple," will likely be announced at Macworld and released in mid-July 2009. In keeping with the iPhone 3G’s improvements over the original device, "anonymous tipsters" suggest that the iPhoMAX will feature a 4-inch 800 x 400 touchscreen, 64GB SSD, SD card slot, integrated WiMAX, and even thinner casing made of platinum and diamond dust. In other words, just as most agree that the second-gen iPhone is a significant upgrade to the first-gen model, "analysts" confirm that the iPhoMAX will put the iPhone 3G to shame.




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Jenn K. Lee

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8 thoughts on “So . . . when's the WiMAX iPhone coming out?

  • To be honest, despite the incredibly attractive price tag and swifter data speeds, I’m not totally blown away. I guess I was hoping for a little more change and some much needed stuff (copy and paste?). Still a very impressive move price wise, just wondering what will happen to the now 100 dollars more Ipod Touch?

    Here’s looking forward to totally revamped and decked-out 3rd gen Iphone next year!

  • You are right on with those new rumors. Do you think the next model will include that mini-toaster oven that has been purportedly spotted at the FCC?

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the WiMAX iPhone ain’t gonna happen. The only US carrier, that I’m aware of, that’s going WiMAX is Sprint.

    No WiMAX on AT&T. No WiMAX iPhone.

  • Tony, I think the real improvements will be in the apps that are released with the 2.0 firmware.

  • ^That’s true, I have forgotten about the 3G Iphone coming with the 2.0 software and the additional apps. But I still wished they upgraded some of the hardware features of the phone (still 2.0 camera, no video capture, exact same screen, but at least the headphone jack problem is fixed though…)

    But I agree that the new apps and the combination of the killer price tag make this device hard to resist. Can you believe it was just over a year ago the Iphone 8gig launched at a 600 dollar price tag?

  • I could easily pass on the diamond dust and the built-in toaster, but a four-inch screen would have been really nice for those of us who require stronger and stronger reading glasses every year. Oh well, heavy sigh…

  • @ Benz: Okay, now you’re being ridiculous. The coils required for the toaster oven would be way too expensive. The new model will have a built-in dishwasher and that’s it.

    Seriously, though, what I don’t understand so far is the reported $30 data plan. The current iPhone SIM is already 3G and I’m sure AT&T and Apple are both aware that many people are using those SIMs in 3G smartphones, giving them HSDPA for $20/month. Is it possible for the network to differentiate between the current 3G SIM and the new one? I guess it all depends on what AT&T/Apple will do to encourage existing owners to upgrade and whether there will eventually be a change of heart regarding in-store-only activation.

  • no more iphone “news”, pleeeease. that POS device can burn in hell with its “low” price w/contracts that involve selling your soul and still lacking more features than el cheapo phones did 5 years ago


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