Sony Vaio UX missing from Sony Style website

Ux_mia_sonystyleThough Sony still hasn’t commented on or even acknowledged the existence of the 8.9-inch VIA OpenBook bearing its name in the netbook’s properties at Computex and expected to begin shipping in Q3 of this year, the Vaio UX Micro PC—the company’s flagship mobile device since 2006—is now absent from Sony Style.

The UX has always been erroneously placed in the Vaio Notebooks category on the site, which currently showcases the 11.1-inch TZ and 13.3-inch SZ series as the ultra portable computers, but now it appears only as a refurbished outlet product (even the most recent model).

The 4.5-inch slider series received its last US update over seven months ago with the UX490N/C, so either a new UX is standing by or Sony’s jumped the shark and is replacing the series with a netbook. I sure hope it’s the former.

Thanks, Jose!

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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11 thoughts on “Sony Vaio UX missing from Sony Style website

  • I think its time for a refresh of the series, have a new model. But the Montevina ULV processors won’t be coming until September in the earliest. : /

    I think them making that Via OpenBook is false, they have created their own wonderful designs so why would they now rebrand Via’s OpenBook system?

  • I hope it really is just a refresh. I was upset when I didn’t see it on the site last night. If the OpenBook is not a rumor, I hope it becomes an additional product line rather than a replacement to the UX series.

  • This is great news. The U series is well due an update – on average they update it every 2 years in May and its over 2 years old now. Personally I think they lost their lead in UMPCs to OQO and Fujitsu.
    The U series has also been pricey and performance driven so I hope the Openbook is not a replacement. I think that will more likely be an economy model
    Its still on the japanese site, with the same discounts its had for months – discounts are always a sign a Sony product is on the way out.

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    even with the Sony pricetag I would buy another in a heartbeat IF
    1) 3g OR EVDO capable
    2) better keyboard
    3) 2GB ram

    It would be nice if tabletXP was an option, but I could live with Vista as I have been

    I find myself using my Q1u nonstop and that keyboard is only SLIGHTLY better than the UX. I had pretty much stopped using my UX because of hand cramps from typing but with the three above and a SSD instead of my HD I would she’ll ou a new $2k

  • Avatar of MathProfJohnson

    also should add that I am now using my UX280 with a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data (from Jenn’s) earlier article so maybe I will be using this one a little longer :)

  • My poor UX is languishing unused on my dresser… :( I feel bad for/about it.

    It wasn’t a netbook that led me to stop using it, though — it was one of Nokia’s tablet toys.

    More than another set of updated specs, I think a design remake is needed for the UX series.

  • JC – It is on the business site still, but that wouldn’t let me order one.

  • I make tremendous use of my UX-280. I do however wish the unit could sustain 2GB of memory and that I could have afforded the 64-bit processor for greater product longevity.

    I went the cheap route and replaced the hard drive with a 233X compact flash + EWF making the UX very timely for quick juants out to the web, great for taking notes and quickly updating my calendar, as well as a fully compatible MP3 player with great A2DP support.

    The lack of EVDO was easily overcome by using my phone as a bluetooth modem. Overall I am pleased with the functionality I get from it; I had taxed my WM5 PocketPC phone to the maximum, and with the ever changing web standards to produce limited content based on a mobile browser, I found the UX a great alternative to browse consistently and functionally.

    Playing Lego Starwars now and then is an added bonus :)

  • Avatar of Michael

    hope there comes a new ux…

    but how to change the keyboard without changing the whole design…

    i have installed microsofts xp tablet edition and the handwriting recognition works perfectly…

    but it takes away a big part of the screen…

    i’d like maybe a small handwriting recognition pad somewhere next to the screen or to connect it via bluetooth or usb

    maybe there is already such a gadget… but this idea just popped up… when i read about nokia – they had/have such a thing for the asian market

    yeah a big problem is the missing hsdpa.. am using a vodafone dongle

    and what i would love is a extreme low power mode where no cooling is needed (listening to mp3’s) and keeping my ux in a pocket or bag

  • Avatar of Mac Nichols

    Mate this tool is the best ever!! How Sony have not invested much more into this series is beyond me. I use this all day every day, skype on 3g gives me phone calls as well as internet.

    As a field Engineer I use this tool ALL the time. I have a UX 180p with optional GPS.

    The windows XP os is perfect for this machine.

    Ideally this machine would be upgraded to 2 gb ram, 500 gig hard drive and 3g modem instead of EDGE and keep win xp over vista, it is a diabolical mess for working engineers.


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