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Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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7 thoughts on “Best uncommon uses for iPhone 3G

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    hahahahahahaha, nice, thanks, Jenn.

    yeah, bar of soap. I see it. Meat tenderizer’s clever, but I think Barbie’s plasma takes the sushi.

  • Gosh! No, thanks! Who needs 3G connectivity and GPS for this?! ;-)

  • It’s good you don’t get it jgreg, that means you don’t have a bricked iPhone. :D

  • Note the nameplate “William H. Gates III” *g*


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