No iPhone 3G camping in Hawaii


While people across the world have been camping out in front of Apple and AT&T shops for days in anticipation of the iPhone 3G launch, Hawaii techies appear to be spending the night before the device’s release warm and snug in their beds. There are only two Apple Stores on the island . . . and both had exactly zero people lined up outside when my husband and I swung by at around midnight.

Our main Apple Store is located in Ala Moana Shopping Center, the biggest open-air mall in the world. Here’s what it looked like:



The second Apple Store is in Kahala Mall, an indoor shopping center that normally closes at 9 p.m.


We arrived a little after midnight and found the entrances wide open . . . and the barricades set up outside the Apple Store keeping no one lined up in orderly fashion.



There are many AT&T retail locations throughout Oahu, but most of the ones in the Honolulu area were vacant as well.



The newest shop, located on Kapiolani Boulevard, was the only place we visited this evening/morning that had any people waiting outside it. We snapped the photos covertly from the car after circling the block a few times (hence the atrocious image quality), but we counted about 8 people sitting in chairs behind the "Line Starts Here" sign. So I guess the title of this post isn’t exactly true. Compared to the madness going on in New York and elsewhere, though, I’d say it’s still pretty accurate.

Six more hours to go before those 8 campers get their iPhones (as mentioned previously, my husband and I are heading out to get mine later in the afternoon after a comfy night’s sleep).

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