Sony PSP3 concept: Lovechild of Vaio UX and PSP

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a Sony Vaio UX Micro PC had an illicit, not to mention incestuous, affair with a Sony PSP Slim, then here’s your answer.


It’s a PSP3 concept "designed" by Samuel Lau, who seems to think that slapping the UX’s keyboard (which no one else seems to recognize) onto the PSP will impress Sony so much that they’ll offer to pay for half his education.

It would be funny if Lau was actually joking.

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Jenn K. Lee

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12 thoughts on “Sony PSP3 concept: Lovechild of Vaio UX and PSP

  • Avatar of Ninjakamster

    The UX is one of my favorite Vaio lineups and I love the PSP as well.

    I will kill for a UX that also plays PSP games. :D

  • Same Ninja. A computer that can play games like the PSP would be awesome. As long as it got a decent keyboard.

  • But are you willing to pay $1000 – §2000 for the next PSP?

  • Avatar of retrotails

    lol PSP 3000 is out I have one – its not like that.

  • Avatar of Kristian

    hey can somebody tell my the price of the new sony psp3 pls

  • Avatar of LarryJames

    DUUUUUUDE i want it i would f***n kill for that it would be alot easier online if the psp had a keyboard. give this person a trophy. good job man.

  • Avatar of giovanni blair

    this is really out of this world, this is so cool for sony to create something like that it’s awsome, i’ll give it 10 out of 10 wat about you

  • Avatar of chrisy

    all i need to kno is wen dis ux psp is cumin out cuz i WANT one


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