Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 runs up to 9 hours with SSD and 4-cell battery


While the US has yet to see a formal announcement of the FCC-revealed Fujitsu LifeBook U820 mini convertible, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has made its U2010 counterpart official with an enthusiastically written press release that tells consumers to "rev up the decibels" with the new Centrino Atom (1.6GHz Atom Z530, SCH US15W chipset) UMPC. Pricing, availability, and a product page are all absent from the release, but there are some new details worth highlighting.

  • Five color options: Ocean Black, Pink Gold, Cool Silver, Fuschia Red, and Luminous Blue
  • Wireless music on-demand technology
  • 64GB SSD option
  • 300-nit screen brightness
  • 1.3-megapixel camera
  • 4-cell extended battery (7.2V, 5800mAh) provides up to 8 hours runtime, 9 hours on SSD

Previously reported specs here.

Thanks, Timmy!

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13 thoughts on “Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 runs up to 9 hours with SSD and 4-cell battery

  • Just when I finally thought I was out…you drag me back in. Even though I am not pleased that performance is not as good (benchmarked) as my 2 year old UX280P, the other features are very appealing….looks like there may be a discounted UX280 on sale for someone real soon.

  • I agree that it’s definitely looking more attractive.

    I wonder if the U820 will come with the extended battery. I have a feeling that it will. Even though the standard battery is quite good (about 3 hours actual usage time, I think), Fujitsu wouldn’t sell a second-gen unit with less runtime than the first-gen device it’s replacing, right?

  • Also so far video play back is not working to good with the U2010, basically just like the SC3 video not playing with the correct hardware to decode. Looks good especially the battery life. I have ordered the SC3 and waiting for it to ship, and right now I have the Fujitsu U810 that I use. I was going to order the U2010 but the high res might be a little high for me but you never know I might get one later.

  • Avatar of Chairman_Now

    Is this because of Poulsbo? If so, it’d be an indication that it’ll be worth waiting until all the netbook makers update the chipset that they’re using.

  • Avatar of Joseph G. MItzen

    Ocean BLACK? Apparently it’s manufactured right here in New Jersey. :-)

  • Ocean Black ? That can’t be Jersey…I live here and the oil slicks on the water give it kind of a rainbow shimmer at the right angle…LOL

    Perhaps we’ll get the “Jersey Shimmer” skin.

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Is it just me or does something look a bit off on the above pic? I don’t think the TrackPoint and other various buttons have moved to the *back* of the U-series, as well as the battery moving to the bottom.

    On a more serious note, if this thing can really deliver on the 9-hour promise with SSD, it will be the king of the UMPC market. Hopefully Fujitsu also saw fit to fix the horrible, slow speeds of the SD and CF slots. Maybe they will actually be useable for ReadyBoost this time around, helping to get around the 1GB limit.

    I am still very happy with my U810, it’s a great little device once it is tweaked for Vista. But I just know this U820 will probably be on my short list very soon…

  • Yeah, it looks like the units are flipped open in the image, but they’re actually just closed, laying flat, and defying gravity by standing upside-down on their batteries.

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Jenn, maybe the new U820 is so light it can stand up like that ;-)

    So whaddya think? Are you in for one of these or are you still loving the D4 and SC3 (and the Shift, and the Advantage…)?

    I really like the idea of the SSD, since that would help get past the 4200 rpm bottleneck of the current hard drive.

  • LOL, that must be it! :-)

    I’m definitely in for a review unit (I’m working on getting one now), but not for adding it to my permanent collection. It looks like a really nice upgrade from the U1010/U810 (I quite like the look of the Fujitsu logo on the cover too), but I’m happy enough with the similar looking and functioning SC3.

    What about you?

    I don’t see anything about the U2010 having built-in GPS and 3.5G WWAN, which is contrary to early information. Actually, I think it was only the Vietnamese forum that put out the first hands-on pics that said that…

  • looks like the photo above is with the 2 cell battery, the 4 cell battery that usually ships with the USA models will stick out the back a bit more and increase the weight by some 100g

  • The idea of mini-tablet UMPC is very attractive. Although the display is very small, you can write with stylus or finger on it and use it asa digitl notebook or manage it without using the cramp keys which are common on UMPC devices.

  • hello…where I can buy U2020? Give me please english sites of on-line stores.


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