Fujitsu U2010 released in Japan as LOOX U/B50N


Fujitsu Japan has just announced the LOOX U/B50N series, their version of the Atom-based mini convertible UMPC known in the US as the LifeBook U820 and in other regions as the U2010. The new LOOX U (previous models have the same name) will be available at the end of August in a base configuration (U/B50) as well as made-to-order models with options like integrated FOMA High Speed, storage capacity (HDD: 60GB, 100GB, 120GB; SSD: 64GB), 1Seg TV tuner, and battery (2900mAh or 5800mAh).

The rest of the specs, which can be seen here, are in keeping with the device’s counterparts.


One cosmetic difference among regions is that the LOOX U/B50N lineup features a unique design printed on the Black Ocean, Fuchsia Pink, Pink Beige, and North Silver covers.


There’s even a tokidoki version!

Prices start at 123,800 yen, which a straight conversion indicates is about $1125.

[Product page | PC Watch (thanks, Blitz50)]
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3 thoughts on “Fujitsu U2010 released in Japan as LOOX U/B50N

  • Very nice, have to wait and see if the video drivers are fixed.

  • Avatar of Qriusly

    I like the big logo on the lid better. This one looks like fresh paint that got wet or old paint that got peeled off. :D

    I’m waiting for the U820.

  • Avatar of Patrick Perez

    I am intrigued by the 4 cell 11 hour (!) battery. I wonder if it will work with my U810?

    Being over 40, I am hesitant to consider the 820, as the resolution is just too high for such a small screen. I struggle with the 1024×600 as it is (I need either bright light or reading glasses). If Vista or XP had better support for scalable fonts in the UI this wouldn’t be as big an issue.

    That said, if the screen fonts were manageable, I would jump on this. The U810 has amazing battery life. I can easily get 4.5-5 hours in a 1.5 pound device. The U820 also has a clearly improved keyboard solution. What’s not to like?



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