Intel Centrino Atom logo being dropped? [Update: Yes]


Chinese site is reporting that the Intel Centrino Atom logo you see here will no longer be used on MIDs and other devices that sit on the formerly codenamed Menlow platform. "Insiders" and "reliable sources" speculate that the previously separate Atom and Centrino Atom departments were merged to reduce costs and other resources, which resulted in the "abolition" of the Centrino Atom logo.

To put some weight behind their claim that MID manufacturers will now use the standard Atom sticker on their Centrino Atom products, shows that the Aigo MID that was sporting the Centrino Atom label in a hands-on photo taken last month is now showing up in press shots with the Atom sticker instead (see below).


Big news? Well, no, it’s just a sticker (not to mention unconfirmed by Intel).

But on the off-chance that you’re wondering why the new crop of Centrino Atom UMPCs and MIDs aren’t wearing their fuschia stickers anymore (remember what the Fujitsu U2010 looked like at IDF?), this is a possible explanation.


Where the all-black Centrino Atom label on my Willcom D4 fits into all of this is anyone’s guess.

Update: Confirmed! Intel drops Centrino Atom brand.

Thanks, TeaPod!

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3 thoughts on “Intel Centrino Atom logo being dropped? [Update: Yes]

  • The Acer Aspire One I bought over the weekend has the new “Intel Atom inside” sticker; same as the one on the Aigo.

  • The Aspire One is a netbook, though, so it isn’t “supposed to” have the Centrino Atom sticker anyway. Actually, I just noticed that my Kohjinsha SC3, which is a Centrino Atom device, has the regular blue Atom sticker on it too. *sigh* You see, this is yet another reason there’s mainstream confusion about netbook vs. MID/UMPC Atoms!

  • Avatar of HG/ElCamino

    Yeap I can agree with Kevin, my Aigo P8860 has the Blue Atom sticker.


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